RIM and Ticketmaster have joined to bring us something great

Today Ticketmaster and RIM announced their partnership to bring Ticketmaster to Blackberry.  The goal is to enable Blackberry users to have easy access to tickets to shows etc.  The program will also allow Blackberry Wallet users to easily purchase straight from their phone. To see the full press... Read more →

T-Mobile launches 3G in Boston

T-Mobile has just launched 3G in the greater Boston area.  Another city along the road of their full nationwide.  Little by little they are getting there.   Let’s bring on more 3G Blackberries!!! via Boston Business Journal Read more →

Microsoft and more news from RIM

RIM has been all about press releases this week.  Today they have announced 4 new partnerships and the 4th is Microsoft.  They will be together developing a Microsoft Live Search/Blackberry browser/Blackberry maps application.  Their goal is to implement Live Search in Blackberry’s applications... Read more →

Myspace and RIM…Finally

RIM released a press release today and will also announce this at CTIA today, that they have teamed up with Myspace to create a Myspace mobile specifically for Blackberry.  All I have to say is, it’s about time.  Facebook has long had the edge on Myspace and Blackberry users with their mobile... Read more →

RIM and Slacker Team up to Provide Free Blackberry Radio

San Diego based company Slacker Inc. personal radio has teamed up with RIM to provide a free personal radio for your Blackberry.  RIM’s co-CEO Jim Balsillie annouced this today at CTIA.  The Slacker application will provide over 100 expertly programmed Slacker stations, over 10,000 artist stations... Read more →

Sprint iDEN 8350i update

According to BlackBerryNews their sources informed them that a November 14th release is possible now.  December may be old news, and we are pretty excited about that, whether it’s a week or a day earlier than expected. via Blackberrynews Read more →

RIM will announce 2nd Quarter Results for 2009 Fiscal year

RIM will be announcing their 2nd quarter results for 2009 fiscal year on September 25th, 2008 after market close.  The official press release states that conference call and live webcast will be held beginning at 5 pm ET, which can be accessed by dialing 416-640-1907 or by logging on at www.rim.com/investors/events/index.shtm. ... Read more →

Blackberry Javelin on eBay already!

**P.S. there is another Javelin on eBay and our first beloved is currently at $2300 with 7 bids. First the Bold, then the Kickstart(or now the Pearl 8220), now the Javelin!  Where are you people getting these phones and when will the Storm or that sexy 8350i be on there!!  We are so jealous, yet not... Read more →

Skyfire updated video

We were told today by Skyfire that the video we posted was out dated and on an early version of the mobile browser.  They recommended this video.  Enjoy it’s awesome!! We’ll keep you updated on further timelines for the Blackberry version. ~Thomas Read more →

vlingo is out of beta . . . or is it? – Review

Vlingo is finally out of beta.  For anyone who isn’t familiar with vlingo, it is an application for your Blackberry that allows you to write emails, SMS messeges, voice dial, use applications, notes, search browser etc. all just by speaking into your Blackberry.  Recently this program was in... Read more →

Google Mobile Application for Blackberry

Google has a new application for Blackberry.  It is a program that allows you access to Google search, Gmail, Maps, news, feeds, and more without the wait of your browser loading. I have this installed on my phone and it is simple and fast.  The only criticism would have is that you still need the... Read more →
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