Viigo Adds DailyLit E-Book reader

Something cool was just added to our favorite RSS reader Viigo.  DailyLit e-book reader!  Now we can all sit, read the blogs then enjoy some classic books.  As of right now, the new DailyLit channel has 25 classic books to choose from. This is what Viigo says about it: Are you ready to turn your... Read more →

T-Mobile Germany Announces the BlackBerry Curve 8900

We’ve been waiting to hear anything about this bad boy and now it’s finally here, well not here in the U.S. but here in the public.  The BlackBerry Curve 8900 has finally been announced by T-Mobile Germany (and hopefully by T-Mobile USA soon).  We can’t wait till this phone is released... Read more →

Sprint/Nextel BlackBerry 8350i iDEN Release Confirmed

*Update: I was not okay with having a Dec. 1st or 2nd release (as I’m sure you guys weren’t either) so I contacted Sprint to get the skinny.   At first they would not tell me, but then after I asked again, they caved.  The official date of online release will be Dec. 1st!  Make sure... Read more →

BlackBerry Storm Launches Nov. 24th? For Real This Time?

BGR just got their hands on something that we’ve all been waiting for.  An internal document that shows us the Verizon Storm release date.  Let’s all take a minute to calm down.  Okay, now we don’t know for sure if this is set in stone or anything because we have seen every other... Read more →

Donate to Motor4Toys Charity Event!

This has nothing to do with BlackBerry or mobile phones or anything of that sort.  This is a really great charity event that I participate in every year.  It is called Motor4Toys and it is the same idea as Toys For Tots, except once a year thousands of us car enthusiasts get together in one huge... Read more →

AT&T Pushes AIM and ICQ Service Books

It has taken AT&T a while, for some odd reason, to release the service books for AIM and ICQ.  These are pretty basic free instant message applications that have been available on most other carriers for quite a while now.  AT&T you guys need to catch up quicker.  We know you just released... Read more →

Opera Mini 4.2 Beta Upgrade Available for BlackBerry

Okay, so I know that not everyone has shelled out the dough for a new BlackBerry Bold, or a Pearl Flip, and that Storm isn’t out yet.  I also know that not everyone has taken the leap to download OS 4.5 either.  So, for all you that use Opera Mini or those that haven’t tried it yet but... Read more →

BlackBerry Storm Pricing Up on Verizon’s Test Page

Great news Stormies, but be weary.  Verizon has some pricing pages for the Storm on a test page on their site.  As of yet, this is the closest to the real pricing that we have seen which will be; $219 for a 2 year contract, $289 for a 1 year contract, and $519 straight up. As we all know, I am kind... Read more →

New Verizon Storm Commercial

Remember the first Verizon BlackBerry Storm commercial tease?  You know, that one where the guy picks up the turned over Storm on the table, says whoa and then the commercial just ends?  Well, yes I’m a little late on this one but I’m still getting it to you.  It is the 2nd part of the... Read more →

Verizon Storm Challenge in New York City

Last week we told you guys about the sweet sweet Storm Challenge in San Francisco put on by Verizon.  We told you that they would be hitting more cities around the country and next up is NYC in Time Square.  For those of you that missed the last post, the challenge gets you inside a big box where... Read more →
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