Rogers Launch Kits Hint Near Release for Pearl Flip

Word from the CrackBerry streets is Rogers just got their luanch kits in.  This means everything BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 is about to launch on Rogers (well hopefully).  Everyone is confident that the release is near, due to the promo packets arriving today. Rogers is currently advertising the Pearl... Read more →

BlackBerry Bold is Up on

We were just notified by our minions that the BlackBerry Bold was up on  The price as we reported for you previously was $679.99 and according to the website, it holds true.  This is without contract of course.  Best Buy’s Bold page give you features and specs as we would assume... Read more →

BlackBerry Storm to Hit Stores Novermber 15th

Ok we have a new release date for you guys, kinda.  We previously told you guys that the rumored release date for the BlackBerry Storm 9530 on Verizon would be Nov. 13th.  Now Phone Arena has Verizon Wireless insider news that they real date is Nov. 15th for Corporate stores and Nov 16th for Best... Read more →

NII Holdings to Launch BlackBerry Curve 8350i in Latin America

Some launches coming soon in Latin America by way of NII Holdings.  Today RIM and NII announced that Nextel Argentina, Nextel Brazil, Nextel Mexico and Nextel Peru will launch the BlackBerry® Curve™ 8350i smartphone in the first quarter of 2009.  This will be the first device in Latin America to... Read more →

Qik is up for BlackBerries

Qik is a mobile service that allows people to take videos and upload them directly to the from their phones.  People can stream the videos as they are uploading or wait until they are finished.  This service is now available for BlackBerry.  However, it is only supported on BlackBerry Bolds,... Read more →

HSBC Offers Banking from Your BlackBerry

Sorry everything is so late guys, I was not with a computer this weekend and my laptop had to be sent to Lenovo to get some tune ups.  Anyways, I’m back with the news.  HSBC launched their first business banking with BlackBerries.  This service is supported by all 8xxx series BlackBerries which... Read more →

BlackBerry Storm Hands On

We just wanted to let you know that Kevin at CrackBerry has his first hands on Storm review up.  He was lucky enough to get some hands on time at the BlackBerry Developer Conference.  The review is super long, so make sure you have your reading glasses and a cup of coffee or beer handy. and go read... Read more →

Official Images of the AT&T BlackBerry Curve 8320

Boy Genius just picked up some images of the AT&T Curve 8320 that should have been out by now.  The last we heard about this was when we posted about the 8320 dummy phone and that was a month ago.  AT&T cannot get things together lately.  They have no 8320, no Bold, what’s up guys? ... Read more →

First BlackBerry Web Signals Released

Some the aftershock after the BlackBerry Developer Conference.  We posted about BlackBerry Web Signals the other day and now they just released their first few signals.  The first sites to get their Web Signals pushed are,, Reuters, Fox News, CBC, and Thumbplay. Read more →

BlackBerry 9100 3G Pearl?

Yesterday BGR got some sweet screen shots of a listing of the BlackBerry 9100.  This little sweet heart is a doozy because it is rumored to be either a 3G version of the Pearl or just an old internal model number for the Pearl Flip 8220.  Who knows, I’m sure plenty of Pearl lovers would kill... Read more →

BlackBerry Storm, iPhone and Bold Video

This is a few days old now, but it is a nice video.  It is the first video that compares the iPhone to the iPhone killer, the BlackBerry Storm.  there is also a cameo by the BlackBerry Bold in size comparison. via CrackBerry Read more →
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