BlackBerry Myspace Application First Look

BGR got a first look today at the long awaited Myspace application for BlackBerry.  I know when I tell my girlfriend and her friends about this, they will be exstatic.  From the looks of the UI, it looks terrific and cleaner than Facebook’s application.  It seems like you will be able to do... Read more →

The Bold is Here!

Yes it is election day as well as the official release of the BlackBerry Bold on AT&T.  Thousands of people are waiting in line around the country to help determine the new leader of our nation and just around those corners people should be gathering by the masses at their local AT&T store... Read more →

Get Out and Vote

*Updated: Go out and vote, then go buy a Bold, or go buy a Bold and then vote.  I hear the voting lines are really long, so you may be waiting for a while.  Perfect time to play with your new BlackBerry Bold.  If you have any issues with setting it up, shoot me an email. We... Read more →

Bold, Bold and More Bold Updates

Ok, we are all excited here in the U.S. about the BlackBerry Bold finally arriving tomorrow nationwide in AT&T stores.  I have also confirmed that Best Buy stores will be carrying it as well as  I have here two ads from Best Buy, one of them from inside the store and one is a paper... Read more →

Viigo’s Year-End-Invite-A-Friend Contest

*Update: The link on the bottom of the page takes you to the contest page with details about the contest and a link to download Viigo.  This link will not work on our page because we are not yet branded.  So if you are trying to download Viigo, go to Our... Read more →

Verizon Puts on Storm Contests, Join the FUN!

Yesterday, CrackBerry posted an article about Verizon holding a BlackBerry Storm hunt in New York City.  The deal is, come November 6th through the 15th there will be BlackBerry Storms hidden all over Manhattan and you have to find them and text or enter a keyword on the contest site to enter to win. ... Read more →

Some More Fun Bold Stuff Specially for you AT&Ters

Today Ronen of Berry Review picked up some cool documents for all your soon to be Bold owners on AT&T.  What we have for you non-BlackBerry literate folks are some tips and tricks, set up help, tethering help, and all the specs. Download them all here via Berry Review Read more →

Telus Storm Launch Update and Some New Pearls

Our pals over at BlackBerry Sync got some updates on Telus’ release of the BlackBerry Storm 9530 and more.  The launch for the Storm is set for November 17th, which according to them would be 5 days before Bell’s Storm launch.  Telus apparently will be charging its customers $.50 per YouTube... Read more →

Don’t Forget to Save Your Spot in Line for the Bold

This is just a simple reminder to all your AT&Ters that have been waiting for the Bold for months now.  Release is tomorrow and hopefully AT&T stores will be packed full to the brim with new and continuing BlackBerry users.  I will probably drop by some stores to check it out and let you know... Read more →

Sprint To Carry 8350i on Dec. 1st Online Only?

We just got a tip on the BlackBerry Curve 8350i iDEN on Sprint/Nextel.  I was notified by a Sprint store manager that the new Curve 8350i will be launched December 1st, but only available online for a bit.  It will be released in stores before Christmas, although I do not have a specific date for... Read more →

Happy Halloween Contest!

Happy Halloween guys and gools!  In celebration of this little dress up halliday, I invite you to participate in Berry Reporter’s Halloween Costume Challenge for a chance to win an OtterBox Defender case donated by OtterBox.  Before or after you dress the kids up and take them out trick or treating,... Read more →

Pageonce Beta Update v1.1

Last week we told you about the new application that was launched at the BlackBerry Developer Conference called Pageonce Personal Productivity Assistant.  This cool application allows you to manage all your online accounts such as, bank accounts, ebay, Twitter, Amazon, MySpace, etc all just by opening... Read more →
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