BlackBerry Storm or Thunder, Which One Do You Prefer?

We all know about the BlackBerry Storm, and that it was previously named the “Thunder”.  If you are not familiar with it, CrackBerry first reported the RIM’s new touch screen BlackBerry would be called the Storm.  Then RIM went ahead and switched it up on us to the Thunder and it... Read more →

Rogers Pearl Flip $49 Dream Come True

The other day we posted some screen shots of Future Shops pricing for the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220.  Now we have the real Future Shop web screen shots.  It seems that Future Shop is offering the Pearl Flip for $49.99 and is available now, but only in store and as we saw before, with a 3 year contract. ... Read more →

Rogers 2009 BlackBerry Lineup

We are back online from our short break last night, but still making some little updates to the site hopefully to be finished before tomorrow.  Some interesing news came out this weekend, while we were busy.  BGR got a rumored list of the new BlackBerries that Rogers will get.  It is not 100% confirmed,... Read more →

AT&T Bold Launch For Real!

Some exciting news hot off the press.  BGR picked up some very interesting information just now.  Apparently tipsters have been tipping away and one sent in this email that lists new handset launches.  The BlackBerry Bold is at the very bottom and it shows an ETA of October 27 2008.  Wow, it is... Read more →

T-Mobile Continues to Expand their 3G Network

T-Mobile has been expanding their 3G network for a while now and it is continuing still.  Sacramento is being added this week which will now make 92 markets with T-Mobile’s 3G network.  Next week, Memphis, Tampa and Washington D.C. in November.  Keep it up T-Mobile, you’re almost there! ... Read more →

Berry Reporter Launch Update

We finally have some hard news updates on our site for you guys.  We will be going offline Saturday night October 18, 2008 and should be down for a few hours.  So we will be back up Sunday for the news if there should be any.  Now for the big news, instead of the dumb Grand Opening I was thinking... Read more →

Boldless Launch Party

Last night AT&T held a luanch party in NYC for the BlackBerry Bold.  I know what you’re thinking, sweet AT&T finally has the Bold out.  NO!  Ronen of Berry Review was at the event and snapped some photos via Bold(which AT&T does not have yet).  He also reported that everyone who... Read more →

Rogers Pearl Flip 8220 for only $49!!

BlackBerry News just posted that the Rogers BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 has shown up in Future Shops system.  The price will be $49.99 with a 3 year contract, and $349.99 without a contract.  The $49.99 Pearl Flip Future Shop screen shot shows up as a Kickstart, but the regular no contract screen shows... Read more →

How Much Does the Bold Cost to Produce?

The answer was in a Business Week article this morning.  The cost for a BlackBerry Bold is $169.41 after parts and labor; $158.16 for parts and $11.25 for the labor to assemble it.  I know we’ve all sat and wondered how much all our techy gadgets actually cost to produce compared to the marked... Read more →

Santa To Bring Rogers the Storm for Christmas

Not a whole lot of news today, but it’s ok because I’m really busy with school and with the whole website upgrade.  However, the big news as of now is that Canada’s Rogers will be getting the BlackBerry Storm 9500.  There is no date of release yet, but it will be before Christmas. ... Read more →
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