Gary Krakow of on Blackberry

This was posted by everyone yesterday, however I didn’t get a chance to watch it(which was a mistake) or else I would have put it up sooner.  First off, Gary Krakow is the Senior Technology Correspondent for and seems to be very whiny.  If you watch the video, he is complaining... Read more →

BBScreenShooter 1.62b for Bold

Any of you BBScreenShooter users wanting to take screen shots of your Bold, can’t.  How annoying, I just wanna take cool shots of my on screen.  Well now you can!  BBScreenShooter version 1.62b is out!  This version supports 7000 series, 8000 series, and 9000 series devices.  Those guys at... Read more →

Best Buy to Release Blackberry Pearl Flip

Monday BGR reported the screen shot of Best Buy’s RSS screen showing the release date of October 26th for the Bold.  We brought you the price sheet later that day.  Today BGR is back at it with a shot of the Pearl Flip 8220.  I actually can’t believe that I didn’t think to check... Read more →

AT&T Bold Training To Be Continued…

BGR the studious little workers they are got us some very very useful information.  The past month has been all about Blackberry Storm and Blackberry Bold launches.  The Bold launch is what we are focusing on.  With all the delays and rumors and set backs, there have been hardly any set dates of... Read more →

Rogers to Drop Bold to $299 October 1st

For all you Canadian’s on Rogers, you guys are getting a price break on the Bold soon.  Come October 1st your precious Bold’s will only cost $299.99 with a 3 year contract.  I doubt the already Bold owners will get a refund, however nagging in my experience works.  So, guys nag Rogers... Read more →

E*Trade Mobile Now for the Bold

Today, BGR posted up that the newest version of E*trade Mobile Pro is up on their site for download; version 1.1.3.  This version does not say that it works for the Bold, but it indeed does.  I have been waiting for this application for weeks.  I’ve been checking my account on the fly via my... Read more →

AT&T and Blackberry Launch the Bold Parties

*Update: Bold launch parties moot?  AT&T Bold training set back and will most likely effect launch date. to read more go here:  AT&T Bold training delayed The AT&T Blackberry Bold is soon to be out finally? may be in the U.S. soon? And they are gearing up for the launch.  Today the website... Read more →

A Dummy Storm in Verizon Stores

Apparently Verizon is playing games with us because today Blackberry News posted some photos of a dummy Storm that was in an unknown Verizon store.  Why is Verizon playing with our heads?!?  Why can’t you guys just tell us when the Storm is coming?!!  Please, we are begging you for an official... Read more →

Japan Will go Bold Early 2009

The Blackberry Bold will be dropping into Japan’s pockets in early 2009 according to Reuters.  The carrier that will releasing it is Japans biggest carrier NTT DoCoMo.  Donald Morrison, RIM’s chief operating officer, said: the company sees a big opportunity in the “absolutely huge”... Read more →

Best Buy’s Blackberry Bold Price Sheet

Boy Genius got the Best Buy RSS sheet for the Blackberry Bold.  We went one step further and I did some research of my own.  I got you guys the official pricing for the Blackberry Bold.  I know it’s blurry but the camera was a little shaky, but circled is the price and it says $679.99.  Don’t... Read more →

SanDisk 16GB MicroSDHC Card

Gizmodo reported that the SanDisk 16GB MicroSD cards are available on some stores online.  I have yet to look around for them, but I definitely will be soon.  Earlier in the summer when I was looking to upgrade from the miniscule 1GB micro SD I came across 8GB and then reports of SanDisk coming out... Read more →
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