T-Mobile Loses Confidential Info for 17 Million Customers

Saturday Deutsche Telekom admitted that 17 million T-Mobile customers had some of their personal information stolen.  It all dates back to 2006 when they had a security breach in which birthdays, telephone numbers, addresses and email addresses were stolen.  Luckily this was the only information stolen... Read more →

Blackberry 9530 Full Specs from RIM

What we have here is something I dare not summarize.  BGR has discovered tons of Storm treasure, and we part of it is the power point of the Storm 9530 specs and everything.  When I say everything, I mean everything.  Check it out. Read more →

Storm Internal Product Positioning and Marketing

This weekend as we told you was full of news.  We were also visited by a little Storm here in Southern California to go along with all the Storm news.  This post is basically all internal docs that are slightly old thanks to Boy Genius.  It has everything from price positioning for all other RIM... Read more →

New BlackBerries: Niagara and Apex in the Near Future?

There was so much news this weekend that I missed it was ridiculous.  I was on vacation for the weekend so bare with me.  First up is the news on some new devices that will be arriving possibly in the near future.  First up is the Blackberry Niagra(at least for now).  The Niagara was originally... Read more →

Is the Storm Finally on the Horizon?

Today BlackberryCool recieved some more possibly good news.  Verizon may have a firm launch date of November 4th.  This is not confirmed yet, but as of now we have not had any delays from Verizon(unlike AT&T and the Bold).  This is in line with the previous November 2nd release or early November. ... Read more →

RIM Says AT&T is Still Testing, Don’t Blame us

BGR got some news from RIM, and they claim that it isn’t their fault that the AT&T hasn’t released the Bold, AT&T is still testing the device!!  Come on guys, I thought it took a few weeks to test a phone.  Everyone in the world has had the Bold coming on a month now, and we are... Read more →

Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220 First Launch!

It’s official, the first release of the Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220 comes from Italy.  TIM put up the flipberry today.  The price is 269 € ($372 USD) which is relatively reasonable for a retail price.  I thought that T-Mobile would be the first to release in the world, but what was I thinking?!... Read more →

New Poynt for Bold Review

Recently Multiplied Media released a beta version of Poynt for just the Blackberry Bold.  For those of you who are not familiar with Poynt, it is an application that allows you to search for movie theaters, times, search businesses via SuperPages.com, and get directions. Poynt has a very simple, eye... Read more →

New Blackberry Storm Video

Just a quick note.  Sorry I’m posting everything so late, I had a few papers I forgot about for class and I was stuck writing them before 3pm today.  Somethings gotta come first, and I guess that’s school before my Blackberry haha. Anyways, here is a new Blackberry Storm video that seems... Read more →

Talk up a Storm Episode 3

A day late because we get it from Crackberry, but here it is.  The third episode of Talk up a Storm is about using the Storm in different countries.  To be quite honest, these Talk up a Storm releases aren’t very interesting.  They could do all of them in one internal press release or one email... Read more →

AT&T Blackberry Bold Training is Back On

Yesterday there was the news of the AT&T Cancelling their Bold Training until further notice due to some software issues.  Today AT&T says it is back on.  Apparently the issue was not software or 3G related, it was the lack of AT&T employees signing up for the training.  My question is,... Read more →

Best Buy’s Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220 Price Screens Galore!

I told you guys that I would get it today, and when I say something, I do it.  Here they are.  For a little background, everyone has been posting up unofficial prices of the Pearl Flip but speculated to be correct.  Now don’t faint after you look at Best Buy’s retail price because what... Read more →
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