BlackBerry Bold is Close?

It has been a long journey for the U.S market to recieve the BlackBerry Bold via AT&T.  Although the wait is not over, it may be ending soon.  AT&T may be prepping their system for the release.  This speculation comes in the form of service books.  The past few days, all you Bold owners... Read more →

New Vodafone Storm Demo

**Update:  Here is the video.  It has since been embedded and you can now watch here! *Update: Storm Reviews site is down, the home page is running but all their links are down at the moment.  Hopefully they can get up and running again soon. Is back up! After a bit of a break from the Storm and... Read more →

T-Mobile Germany Leaked 30 Million Customers Info

A little while ago we posted that T-Mobile had a security glitch and that they leaked 17 million customers information, however this information was none to important.  Well Saturday, T-Mobile Germany stated that there was an error in their system that exposed 30 million customers information, including... Read more →

BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 Launches Today!

*Update:  The BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 is officially for sale in stores and online.  The price is $349.99 without contract, $149.99 after $150 instant rebate and a $50 mail in rebate.  Go pick them up today!! I just got mine(as a temp phone). I have just recieved an email that announced the release... Read more →

BlackBerry Plug on Smallville

I don’t know how many of you guys watch Smallville on the CW or enjoy anything Superman, but I’m a fan.  I was watching this weeks episode that I recorded and I was pleased to find a very nice BlackBerry ad plug.  It was when character Tess Mercer recieved a call and Clark was listening... Read more →

T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 Launch Parties

We saw it with AT&T and the Bold and Rogers with the 8220.  Now T-Mobile is advertising their employee launch parties.  The event is called Open up Let it Out, oh we get it, cuz it flips open yeah yeah very clever T-Mobile.  Anyways, from what I was reading serching through the site Read more →

Orange Postpones Release of Bold

An internal statement from Orange got leaked recently.  The internal document states the reason that Orange has put a hault on the release of the Bold.  It was supposedly quality issues, but he release states it is software issues. Internal Orange Statement on the Bold:”Following reports of... Read more →

Telus to go 4G in 2010

Canadian Telus reveals that they are working on 4G.  They hope to have 4G up and running by early 2010.  They announced plans to “build a next generation wireless network using the most advanced mobile broadband network technology.”  This is inevitable, Verizon is doing the same thing right now,... Read more →

Microsoft Wants to Buy RIM

Electronista turned us on to some very interesting news today.  RIM’s recent drop in stock value has gotten Microsoft’s attention.  The recent plunge may give MS to try and take over RIM.  It is supposed that Microsoft has offered RIM $50 per share which RIM’s stock is getting very... Read more →

Super BlackBerry in Development?

Today BGR got wind of some new BlackBerries in development!  So rumor has it that RIM is in early development of a super BlackBerry.  This device will supposedly blow the doors off of any BlackBerry out right now!  Very exciting news beacuse I honestly thought that RIM would wait at least 6 months... Read more →

BlackBerry Curve 8900 Hands on Review

**Update: Apparently CrackBerry took down this video.  We do not know why, but their whole post about it is gone, so until we can get you another or find theirs again sorry. I only wish that we could have brought you both videos(Pearl Flip and this one).  Only CrackBerry can put out a video this good. ... Read more →
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