New AT&T Pink and White Fancy Pearl 8110

This fancy new AT&T Pearl 8110 can be all yours soon!  This fancy new color scheme reminds me of my Nokia 7380 days, that whole L’Amour Collection styling.  I think that this color is nice for girls who love pink, because it is not super bright, but classy.  So now that RIM is starting... Read more →

Today on The View Audience Members got a Flip!

Crackberry recieved a little tip that audience members on ABC’s talk show The View got a sweet little gift today in the form of Blackberry Pearl Flip’s!!!!  I don’t watch the show, nor will I ever, but hell I would if it landed me a free Pearl Flip.  The lucky audience also got free... Read more →

Vodafone Blackberry Storm Interactive Website

Today, Vodafone launched their Blackberry Storm interactive website.  It goes over basic features and specs, nothing too in depth and there is a 360 degree viewer so you can check out all the pretty aesthetics.  The site is kind of slow and very ugly, but I guess no one really cares, seeing that it’s... Read more →

Blackberry on How I Met Your Mother

Last night we told you that the first Blackberry Storm commercial aired on CBS during the hit show How I Met Your Mother.  I didn’t have time to post this last night, but during the show the character Robin is using a red Blackberry Pearl and it is left for a nice close up while she dances. ... Read more →

Blackberry Storm on the Streets with Verizon

BGR is literally hemoraging Storm leaks and news!  What we have for you here is Verizon on the street with the Storm.  They walk around and introduce the Storm to people and get their reactions, blah blah, we’ve all seen it before.  Just enjoy.  It’s a goodie.  There are also two more... Read more →

Vodafone Blackberry Storm Commercial

Today Storm Reviews got their hands on a Vodafone Blackberry Storm Commercial.  This is a top notch commercial, great visuals, great music, great.  The next two posts are also Storm videos, so check them out.  It’s a big Storm this week, this tells us the release is near. Enjoy. Verizon Blackberry... Read more →

Verizon Storm Commercial Aired Tonight on CBS

Today there has been a Storm brewing.  A Storm of leaks and videos!!!  Tonight on the CBS network, the first teaser Storm commercial aired during the beloved show How I Met Your Mother.  It is very short, but sweet.  We expect more in the near future. Enjoy.  Btw if you haven’t already done... Read more →

Virgin Mobile Canada gets the Curve 8330

Next month Virgin Mobile Canada will be getting a sexy black Curve 8330.  The price is as sexy as the phone too. In November, Virgin Mobile is planning to launch the BlackBerry Curve on their network. Pricing for the BlackBerry will also be one of the best deals out there – at a suggested price... Read more →

Unboxing of a Pearl Flip 8220

BGR was the giving tree of Blackberry this weekend, with tons of storm info, internal RIM docs, and now a Pearl Flip unboxing gallery.  We have all seen this beauty in phone camera shots and some video of it, but this gives you real life, clean shots.  If you would like some features and specs, visit... Read more →

Blackberry Application Center Screenshots

In an attempt to outshine the iPhone on one more platform, RIM has developed the Blackberry Application Center which is an application that will allow users to download and purchase 3rd party applications OTA.  As of now it will be releasing on the Storm’s OS 4.7 and I’m assuming later... Read more →

Releases Around the Globe: October 6, 2008

Today a couple things have happened.  First Telefonica in Spain will be one of the first carriers to offer the Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220.  The race is now on for the Flipberries to come out(get on it asap T-Mobile).  The release for Telefonica will be this fall with no official release date posted. The... Read more →

Blackberry Bold is Official Sponsor of Madonna’s Tour

What better way to kick off the release soon to be release of your flagship phone by slapping the name onto Madonna.  Madonna’s current North American tour is sponsored by RIM which is featuring the Blackberry Bold.  RIM has been doing some heavy marketing in the U.S. for the past few months. ... Read more →
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