Best Buy’s Blackberry Bold Price Sheet

Boy Genius got the Best Buy RSS sheet for the Blackberry Bold.  We went one step further and I did some research of my own.  I got you guys the official pricing for the Blackberry Bold.  I know it’s blurry but the camera was a little shaky, but circled is the price and it says $679.99.  Don’t... Read more →

SanDisk 16GB MicroSDHC Card

Gizmodo reported that the SanDisk 16GB MicroSD cards are available on some stores online.  I have yet to look around for them, but I definitely will be soon.  Earlier in the summer when I was looking to upgrade from the miniscule 1GB micro SD I came across 8GB and then reports of SanDisk coming out... Read more →

More Cell Phone Driving Laws: Text Outlaw

As all of us Californians know, driving while talking on your cell phone, using a cell phone in any way while driving under the age of 18 have been illegal since July 1st of this year.  This law was a long time coming and it makes sense because your focus is taken off of the road while you are holding... Read more →

Blackberry Storm Announcement in PartnerZone

Some more leaked information about the Blackberry Storm.  Little by little it trickles out, kinda like the little storm we had here in SoCal this morning.  Anyways, back to the news.  Berry Review got their hands on a little PartnerZone announcement that just explains more specs and features of the... Read more →

Best Buy to Carry the Blackberry Bold Oct. 26

We have some great news for the U.S. finally!!  The Bold is near, it is so close everyone is preparing for its arrival.  BGR took a little screen shot of an RSS screen at a Best Buy that shows the inventory information about the Bold.  if you notice the in stock date shows October 26 2008.  This... Read more →

T-Mobiles Very Bold decision

So I recently posted news about T-Mobile not getting the Bold and now this is the rant. The decision for them to not release the Bold is outright dumb.  Just as they are launching their 3G network, they decide to pass on the hottest new 3G phone?  AT&T is probably dancing with news of this, because... Read more →

T-Mobile will Not be Carrying the Bold

We have some very upsetting news from BBN.  It kills me to have to be reporting on this, but unfortunately us T-Mobile users will probably not be getting the Blackberry Bold.  The flagship of Blackberry phones, we will not have.  This news apparently comes from very high up.  The soft word is that... Read more →

AT&T is Giving Free TV to Bold Subscribers

The news is that the long awaited upcoming Bold release from AT&T will be coming with some free goodies.  Bold subscribers that purchase qualified data plans will get free Cellular Video services.  This means that they will be able to stream unlimited videos on their Bolds.  Channels that CV... Read more →

Verizon Product Training Schedule

The latest update on the Verizon’s release of the Storm is this training schedule.  As we all know, the Storm’s supposed release is November 2nd.  This training schedule as you can see stays true to this.  The online Storm training begins on October 17th and runs until November 2nd and... Read more →

T-Mobile Luxe Club: Big Disappointment

So I’ve created a new section on the site labeled rants, where I will basically just speak freely about Blackberry things.  These rants will usually be negative unless there is something so great that I feel like telling the world about what I think. Last night was suppose to be a fun night, with... Read more →

The Storm is Surfacing with Screenshots

Today BGR got a hold of some Vodafone branded Blackberry Storm.  These are the first surfaced screen shots of more than photoshopped images.  Well BGR isn’t sure if these are real, but who knows.  They say that they are disappointed with how Blackberry-ish the UI looks, but really I didn’t... Read more →

RIM’s 2nd Quarter Results

Ok for all you financial buffs out there or if you are just interested because you have stock in RIM, the 2nd Quarter results are here.  Basically revenue is up 15% from the first quarter at $2.58 billion, and 2.6 million new subscribers joined the Blackberry family.  Most of the revenue is from devices... Read more →
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