Sign up Site is up for the Blackberry Curve 8350i on Sprint

The new Blackberry Curve 8350i has been long awaited for everyone on Sprint/Nextel.  This new version of the Curve is so hot you won’t wanna miss it.  You can now sign up for a notification of when the device will release.  So if you are Sprint/Nextel go check it out and get the hottest push... Read more →

Verizon’s Talk up a Storm Episode 4

This week’s episode of Talk up a Storm from Verizon highlights VZ Navigator and Visual Voice mail. The Storm is so close, I wonder how many more of these there are?  We need a bit of a break from the Storm and maybe get some U.S. Bold news?(AT&T) Moving the highlights of this episode are... Read more →

Official Grand Opening Soon!

So I know a long time ago I told you guys that we would be launching Berry Outlet soon.  Well that got postponed for a while because we needed to get this site how we wanted.  We have been running for a little over a month now, but technically it has been a “soft launch”.  Our full launch... Read more →

Blackberry Storm Device Simulators Available for Download

The device simulators for the Blackberry Storm, Bold and Pearl Flip(aka OS 4.6 and OS 4.7) are up on Blackberry’s website.  If you want to get the feel for the OS’s then download them, or you can wait until the phones are out.  Either way a simulator is nothing like the real thing. 🙂 via... Read more →

Bell Canada’s Storm Website is Up

The Bell Storm page just went up today.  The Storm is quickly approaching, now with Telus and Bell to offer the Blackberry Storm in Canada.  Bell’s Storm site is nothing special, just an announcement and acknowledgment that they will be offering it soon.  No specs or features list yet, but... Read more →

Vodafones Hick up on the Storm Site

We posted that Vodafone officially announced the Blackberry Storm and launched their interactive website for the Storm yesterday.  Today on Vodafone website, they had some official marketing material up that was very interesting.  As you can see there is something wrong with the Storm.  I can’t... Read more →

Blackberry Storm Hands on

This damn Storm is relentless!  Everyday better stuff comes out.  Today the best news so far, some of the first hands on reviews, one with Engadget and one with Gizmodo.  I’m just going to combine them so you guys can get all the awesome close ups in one place.  Now we all are very familiar... Read more →

Official Press Images of the Blackberry Storm

They are here thanks to BGR, once again our savior brings us the official Blackberry Storm Press photos and they are hot!  We have some good stuff for you guys which include a press release, big pretty photos, and an official spec sheet!  Sorry for all the exclamation points, but we are just so excited... Read more →

New AT&T Pink and White Fancy Pearl 8110

This fancy new AT&T Pearl 8110 can be all yours soon!  This fancy new color scheme reminds me of my Nokia 7380 days, that whole L’Amour Collection styling.  I think that this color is nice for girls who love pink, because it is not super bright, but classy.  So now that RIM is starting... Read more →

Today on The View Audience Members got a Flip!

Crackberry recieved a little tip that audience members on ABC’s talk show The View got a sweet little gift today in the form of Blackberry Pearl Flip’s!!!!  I don’t watch the show, nor will I ever, but hell I would if it landed me a free Pearl Flip.  The lucky audience also got free... Read more →

Vodafone Blackberry Storm Interactive Website

Today, Vodafone launched their Blackberry Storm interactive website.  It goes over basic features and specs, nothing too in depth and there is a 360 degree viewer so you can check out all the pretty aesthetics.  The site is kind of slow and very ugly, but I guess no one really cares, seeing that it’s... Read more →
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