T-Mobile Luxe Club Series: Who will be there?

Here it is people, we posted about it weeks ago and now the time has come; the T-Mobile and Blackberry Luxe Club Series.  We will be there tonight.  It starts at 9pm and runs til 2am.  If you want to get in touch with us email me at tmagsaysay@berryreporter.com, or you’ll see us. Thomas Read more →

Sprint Unloads 3,080 Cell Towers to TowerCo

So, we have all known about Sprint’s financial troubles and possibly inevitable fall.  Today they unloaded a bunch of cell towers to TowerCo.  About 3,080 of them for around $670 million.  Sprint must be in desperate need for some cash and revamping.  The two companies however have signed... Read more →

T-Mobile Re-Words Data Capping Statement

Yesterday my partner Stephen reported that T-Mobile was going to be capping data usage if usage exceded 1GB per month.  This was outrageous and the news bit fast and within hours, the news was all over the web and critisized up and down.  T-Mobile has since retracted this statement and put in place... Read more →

Talk up a Storm: Part 2

We told you that the boys at Crackberry would put out another episode of Talk up a Storm and here it is.  Today’s episode is short and sweet, boasting the Storm’s 3.2 Mega Pixel camera with video recording.  Sadly yesterdays leaked spec sheet puts the Storm’s camera just shy of the... Read more →

Everyone’s a Hater: RIM vs iPhone, AT&T vs Storm

The press releases are leaking fast this week.  After Verizon’s spec sheets on the Storm was leaked yesterday, today come with even more.  These leaks however are some good old internal trash talkin’.  I’m not talking about just the standard product vs product training, it’s... Read more →

The Blackberry Javelin to be Renamed Under the Curve

We come with news from Crackberry’s most recent podcast.  This is some great news updating.  The beautiful Blackberry Javelin 8900 we have all grown to know and love, will lose its baby name.  RIM will apparently be officially releasing it under the Curve brand.  This we could have guessed... Read more →

Blackberry Storm “Wow Factors” Leaked from Verizon

Today Engadget put up a great Storm leak.  This new leak will wow you, literally.  The photo slides were provided to some Verizon employees to further educate themon the Blackberry Storm.  It looks to be the full official spec list.  This phone will basically work on any network around the world. ... Read more →

T-Mobile’s 3G Speed Reduction Cap

After browsing T-Mobile’s website for the G1 (Google Phone), I noticed a very small disclaimer that really caught my nerve. If your total data usage in any billing cycle is more than 1GB, your data throughput for the remainder of that cycle may be reduced to 50 kbps or less. After that sentence,... Read more →

OS 4.5 Released on Blackberry’s Site

*Visit the link, enter your PIN and see if your device is compatible with the web version of OS 4.5.  Click here for the link. Today a web based Blackberry OS 4.5 was released on Blackberry’s website.  This must mean that all the bugs are fixed.  To get OS 4.5 you need to use Internet Explorer. ... Read more →

T-Mobile G1 Press Conference

The T-Mobile G1 press conference is over, and it is was alright.  The biggest advantage with Android is that it is an open platform so developers can change the platform.  The key thesis of the whole conference was that open is the future of mobile internet.  The phone is great and we will get you... Read more →

More International Releases: Bold and Storm

The rival between Telus and Bell in Canada is long known, and Telus getting the Storm would have been no surprise.  Ha, Telus is not getting the Storm at least not until 6 months from its release; Bell will have the honor of being first to launch the Blackberry Storm in Canada.  The release is scheduled... Read more →

Blackberry Graduate on Myspace

Remember that Blackberry Graduate thing we posted a while back?  You remember, that Blackberry marketing ad where you trade in your phone to put towards a Blackberry and you can enter to win $40,000.  Well it looks like RIM is really hitting this marketing idea hard.  After logging onto my page on... Read more →
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