New Storm Photos

Crackberry put up some new photos they recieved from a Verizon source of the Storm.  More and more stuff keeps popping up, which foreshadows the release of the very much anticipated Blackberry device.  As you can see by the multiple Storm articles, that we are keeping you guys updated as much as possible. Read more →

Some more about Slacker with Pics!

Mobile Crunch posted some pictures of the new Slacker program which we posted about the few days ago(here).  If you didn’t read about it, Slacker is mobile radio program that lets you cache millions of songs from Slacker.  But back to the images;  the interface looks great, simple, clean and... Read more →

Verizon leaked their Storm Talking Points

Verizon sent out their talking points today about the Blackberry Storm.  The rumor about Verizon launching their Storm site and announcing their new flagship device today looks like it won’t happen.  I am very scepticle about rumors in the mobile world today, so this was no surprise to me. ... Read more →

Blackberry: Your new Sleeping Partner

A survey came out that said 87% of smartphone/PDA using professionals take their devices to the bedroom and 84% check them before they go to bed and when they wake up.  I personally check mine about every 10 minutes throughout the whole day, before I go up to bed, once again before I close my eyes,... Read more →

Viigo 3.0 Beta Project Tango-Review

I know it’s a few days late, but here is my review of Viigo’s new 3.0 beta Project Tango.  Sadly we are not important enough yet to get our own branded version like BerryReview, Pinstack, or Crackberry, etc but we are working on that.  So, this new “Project Tango” is the new... Read more →

1-800-Flowers Review

Recently released a mobile app for Blackberry.  This new program is great for spur of the moment flowers for your significant other, gifts, or flowers for any other occasion.  This application allows you to browse and order flowers and gifts right from your Blackberry. Read more →

New Pearl 8120 colors for T-Mobile

**I just received news that the new colors for the Pearl 8120 will be launching October 15th. T-Mobile is releasing some new jazzy colors for the Pearl 8120 on October 15th or sometime near then.  It sucks they missed out on that whole pink Blackberry(Verizon) given that it would make sense since their... Read more →

The Storm is near

Boy Genius Report recieved word that Verizon may be launching their Blackberry Storm website on September 15th.  This news comes fast and is only two days away.  Don’t get too excited yet though, because the phone will not be released Sept. 15th but forecasted for November 1st.  We will have... Read more →

AT&T Bold release update: earlier than Oct. 2nd?

Blackberry News posted an article today about the Bold update.  It seems as if there is new word everyday on a new release date.  It seems to be rumor now that the Bold will release at the end of September.  This will definitely be pushing it since before we heard that AT&T stores would be able... Read more →

RIM and Ticketmaster have joined to bring us something great

Today Ticketmaster and RIM announced their partnership to bring Ticketmaster to Blackberry.  The goal is to enable Blackberry users to have easy access to tickets to shows etc.  The program will also allow Blackberry Wallet users to easily purchase straight from their phone. To see the full press... Read more →

T-Mobile launches 3G in Boston

T-Mobile has just launched 3G in the greater Boston area.  Another city along the road of their full nationwide.  Little by little they are getting there.   Let’s bring on more 3G Blackberries!!! via Boston Business Journal Read more →
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