Blackberry Curve 8320 on AT&T Dummy

AT&T’s Blackberry Curve 8320 was spotted although not really.  Engadget copped this photo of a AT&T 8320 dummy phone.  This is good news because it means that the release is not too far away, which goes with our previous report about it releasing at the the end of September.  We are... Read more →

Verizon Wireless No Contract Plans

Verizon Wireless is now offering no contract plans!!!  No this isn’t our run of the muck prepaid phone services.  Verizon has gone GSM-esque;  they are now allowing customers the option of purchasing their devices at full price on a monthly plan but with no early termination fee.  They also... Read more →

Rogers New Blackberry 8220 Website

Rogers launched their Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220 sign up website.  They did this with the Bold as most carriers do as well, so go sign up to recieve notifications about the release.  Rogers may even give some free stuff away if you sign up early enough, who knows?  I’m not in Canada so it doesn’t... Read more →

Market Simplified for TD Ameritrade on Blackberry

Market Simplified recently released a new mobile rading platform for TD Ameritrade members.  I personally do not use TD Ameritrade, I’m an E*Trader, but I have to say this program looks better than E*Trade mobile.  I love E*Trade as an investing platform, but their mobile application is terrible. ... Read more →

Vip launches Pearl 8110 and Bold in Serbia

Vip mobile, which is part of mobilkom austria group have just launched the Blackberry Pearl 8110 and the new Blackberry Bold.  It’s a sad day when Serbia gets an old phone and a new phone that we don’t even have yet.  Not really much else to say here, but yeah if you want the Bold you... Read more →

T-Mobile 3G Rolling Out Fast

T-Mobile has been launching their 3G network in select cities throughout the country for a few months now.  Finally they are acknowledging that it does exits and have coverage on their website.  You may now check your area for 3G coverage.  The image above portrays my area of north Orange County(Yorba... Read more →

MTN South Africa Releases OS 4.5

MTN recently released Blackberry OS 4.5 for their devices.  The software is an older version which has been available online at various carriers around the globe.  This software is the one that I had on my 8820, the one that I miss on my 8820(but I have a Bold too, so I don’t miss it that much... Read more →

Blackberry Javelin 8900 First Review

The first Blackberry Javelin review is up brought to us via Crackberry.  I think all of us reporting on Blackberries are jealous of the boys at Crackberry for always getting phones first.  I’m not going to try and review this phone from their review, so I’m just going to post a few photos... Read more →

Verizon has begun Sending Storm Emails

Today I received this email from Verizon, the first of many I’m sure about the Storm.  The email basically just introduces the the Blackberry Storm and tells us to keep checking our inboxes because new updates will be dropping(hopefully frequently).  This goes right along with their leaked marketing... Read more →

First look at Blackberry OS 5.0

After all the hyp of OS 4.5 and the Bold and Pearl Flip’s 4.6 and (speculated for Javelin or Storm) 4.7, we have OS 5.0!  The images come via BGR and are on a Blackberry Curve 8310. Read more →
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