Blackberry Javelin 8900 First Review

The first Blackberry Javelin review is up brought to us via Crackberry.  I think all of us reporting on Blackberries are jealous of the boys at Crackberry for always getting phones first.  I’m not going to try and review this phone from their review, so I’m just going to post a few photos... Read more →

Verizon has begun Sending Storm Emails

Today I received this email from Verizon, the first of many I’m sure about the Storm.  The email basically just introduces the the Blackberry Storm and tells us to keep checking our inboxes because new updates will be dropping(hopefully frequently).  This goes right along with their leaked marketing... Read more →

First look at Blackberry OS 5.0

After all the hyp of OS 4.5 and the Bold and Pearl Flip’s 4.6 and (speculated for Javelin or Storm) 4.7, we have OS 5.0!  The images come via BGR and are on a Blackberry Curve 8310. Read more →

The Storm Leaks More and More Everyday

Verizon keeps leaking more info everyday.  I think it’s because of the Storm haha (sorry, I had to).  Apparently employees are going to be recieving new info no the Blackberry Storm every Wednesday in a letter called Talk Up a Storm.  Basically it just informs Verizon employees about the device... Read more →

Blackberry Bold AT&T Release Delayed Again??

**updated with more speculation. BGR just got their hands on a product release sheet from AT&T that has some interesting information.  This document is the most up to date we’ve seen, and before this the word was that the Bold would be launching on October 2nd with AT&T putting in orders... Read more →

More Bold releases Around the Globe

I have decided to post multiple articles in one when it has to do with Bold releases.  I am doing this because some days there are 4 or 5 differnt countries releasing Blackberries and then you have to scroll down to get to the good articles.  So this way we save time and space, because really releases... Read more →

Android Launch Update – Official T-Mobile Leaked

A source just sent me this official T-Mobile update on Google’s Android.  T-Mobile, as we all know has not announced a device on the Android platform yet, though we suspect it will be the HTC Dream.  According to the insider press release, the phone will not be on presale beginning today as... Read more →

Hollywood Pop Culture doesn’t know their Tech

If you are not aware, us at Berry Reporter absolutly love the HBO show Entourage.  Recently my partner picked up this Entourage book that explains the show in detail, lifestyles of the characters, styles of the characters etc.  If you read the post I put up on Sept. 8th titled: Entourage Rocks the... Read more →

The Javelin on eBay Kills the Pearl Flip!!! $17,100

So that Javelin that was up for sale on eBay last week… well it got removed and then relisted.  It sold today at 10:30am for $17,100!!!!!!!  This is outrageous.  This is 10x the price that the Pearl Flip 8220 went for!  I hardly think that this is a serious bid, and I cannot believe that anyone... Read more →

Google Maps Mobile now gets Streetview and Walking Directions

Today Google released some cool new features for Google Maps Mobile.  The first of the new features is street view.  Street view is the cool new feature on Google Maps that lets you view the actual street location in photo image, this is useful to all of us who still have a hard time locating places... Read more →

Some more news on the Storm: Leaked Marketing Plan

Crackberry got their hands on a inside Marketing sheet with some interesting information.  These new notes are definitely more useful than the other ones, however only if we are interpreting them correctly which all of us would like to think that we are.  To the looks of it the direct marketing starts... Read more →
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