Free Traffic Cameras on your Blackberry Reviewed

Company 3rd Dimension Inc. recently released a program that lets you view traffic cameras live directly from your Blackberry.  The program is still in its infancy servicing only Connecticut, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Knoxville, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, and only select... Read more →

Entourage Rocks the Blackberry

Season 5 of Entourage premiered tonight, and we at Berry Reporter have been waiting for this forever!!  Throughout the shows history the cast has used a plethora of different phones, however last season they began rockin’ Blackberries.  Ari Gold(actor Jeremy Piven) was sportin’ a Cingular... Read more →

BIS now with instant IMAP

Traditionally, only users with BES would receive instantly pushed email, while customers on BIS had to wait 10 or more minutes. After a quite upgrade BIS users with IMAP Idle enabled email servers will now receive instantly pushed email as well. Read more →

16GB media cards now supported

RIM has published a new Knowledge Base article regarding the media card support by OS. BlackBerry Device Software 4.2.0 – Up to 2 GB BlackBerry Device Software 4.2.1 – Up to 4 GB BlackBerry Device Software 4.2.2 – Up to 4 GB BlackBerry Device Software 4.3.0 – Up to 8 GB BlackBerry... Read more →

Blackberry on Campus at UCLA

Blackberry will be at the UCLA v. Oregon State game on November 8th.  The game is at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena and Blackberry will be in Fan Zone (Area H).  I don’t exactly know what’s going on for it, but we will be there.  So all you UCLAers or just Blackberry-ers who are around the... Read more →

Vodafone UK releases the Bold Today

Vodafone UK has the Bold for sale today, which is no surprise.  They have what looks to be some great offers for the phone.  With the smallest data plan at 100 minutes and unlimited data the Bold will cost £187.23.  The phone becomes free at sign up starting at the 600 and 700 minute plans for either... Read more →

Will Mexico beat us to the Bold?

Lately I have been wondering which countries will still get the Bold before we do and it’s come to my attention via BBcool that Mexico might be one of the next.  This is a sad launch for the U.S. in the Blackberry world when everyone else is cutting edge and we aren’t even on the board. ... Read more →

Graduate to Blackberry and Win $50 Grand!!

Blackberry has a new offer and contest called Graduate to Blackberry.  It entails that you have the opportunity to win a $50,000 grand prize(other cash prizes as well).  The contest does not require purchase of a Blackberry, but it wouldn’t hurt to pick one up if you don’t already have... Read more →

Blackberry Storm gets delayed at Verizon, Surprise Surprise

The Blackberry Storm aka Thunder has been delayed around 3-4 weeks according to BGR.  The phone has been put on technical acceptance to work out some bugs.  I am not surprised that the Storm has been delayed, there have been so many rumors preceding its release I’m surprised its release will... Read more →

Mobile RSS Users, Add our RSS feed!!

Anyone who uses mobile RSS readers, add our feed to your list.  We know it’s not the best right now, but it is getting better everyday and I’m sure you’ll like our reports.  Just give it a shot why don’t you already.  The recommended RSS reader is Viigo hands down.  Viigo... Read more →

Maxis Launches Bold in Malaysia

So the Bold is launched in Malaysia on Maxis as of yesterday (ugh).  There are no prices on the Maxis website.  This really sucks for the U.S. we are suppose to be cutting edge for technology, except in the cellular phone division I guess.  At this rate, Antarctica will get the Bold before we do. via... Read more →
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