iDEN Blackberry 8350i set to launch December 1st

BlackberryNews reported yesterday that they got word from Sprint/Nextel that the new iDEN 8350i with OS 4.6 is scheduled to launch on December 1st.  This news matches up with BbN’s before rumor about the 8350i launching sometime in the 4th quarter. via Read more →

RIM and AT&T Fiasco

Boy Genuis just posted an nice long article explaining basically everything that has and is going on with the Bold and AT&T.  To summarize the article, what’s going on is that AT&T is responsible for the Bold being built(ironic that they are also the last to release it, but we’ll... Read more →

NFL Mobile Live for Sprint Customers and More found a nice little application for NFL freaks out there.  The program lets you see up to minute scores, video, and even allows you to listen to the game live.  This allows you to always be with your favorite teams where ever you are.  The program is released for Sprint customers,... Read more →

Blackberry Pearl 8220 to be annouced at CTIA

I just discovered an article from Blackberry Cool, who are in San Fransico for CTIA about the annoucement of the Blackberry Pearl 8220 aka Kickstart.  They recieved the tip from old industry friends of theirs so we believe that it should be pretty reliable.  It is also coming to T Mobile pretty soon... Read more →

Blackberry Luxe Club Series w/ T-Mobile

I just recently found out about a cool event that has been going on all summer put on by Blackberry and T-Mobile.  The event is called the Blackberry Luxe Club Series and is put on every month in a hot club in Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago.  This month is the last month for the series. Read more →

T Mobile 3G in Philadelphia up and Running

T Mobile launched their 3G network in Philidelphia ahead of schedule according to  BGR.  As of now South Philadelphia, North Philadelphia, Center City, and the airport area are at full speed with the rest of Philly soon.  With T Mobile slowly rolling out more and more cities with 3G, will they be... Read more →

Blackberry Bold U.S. AT&T update…

I’m a few days behind on this one, but BGR reported that they received tips that AT&T stores will be able to order the Bold beginning September 24th.  This means that the October 2nd release date looks to be true.  I will say that I am a bit relieved yet unsatisfied because we are finally... Read more →

Vodafone of Spain released the Bold today

This release was no surprise to anyone.  We’ve known for a long time that Spain would get the Bold and that Vodafone will make sure all their countries get it before America does.  Blackberries press release offers no pricing for Vodafone and there is not much on Vodafone Spain’s  website,... Read more →

Bold coming to Dominican Republic

I’m pretty sick and tired of writing these Bold release updates, mostly because they all have everything to do with every other country in the world but us!  According to BBCool Claro in the Dominican Republic will be releasing the Blackberry Bold next week.  There is no pricing available yet,... Read more →

Free Traffic Cameras on your Blackberry Reviewed

Company 3rd Dimension Inc. recently released a program that lets you view traffic cameras live directly from your Blackberry.  The program is still in its infancy servicing only Connecticut, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Knoxville, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, and only select... Read more →

Entourage Rocks the Blackberry

Season 5 of Entourage premiered tonight, and we at Berry Reporter have been waiting for this forever!!  Throughout the shows history the cast has used a plethora of different phones, however last season they began rockin’ Blackberries.  Ari Gold(actor Jeremy Piven) was sportin’ a Cingular... Read more →

BIS now with instant IMAP

Traditionally, only users with BES would receive instantly pushed email, while customers on BIS had to wait 10 or more minutes. After a quite upgrade BIS users with IMAP Idle enabled email servers will now receive instantly pushed email as well. Read more →
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