Official Blackberry OS 4.6 List of Features and Updates

So the Blackberry Bold has been officially released for a few weeks now and it’s running that new OS 4.6.  Every Blackberry blog has some sort of list of its features and fun stuff.  Here is ours.  We have yet to get the opportunity to review the Bold however that will come soon.  Until it... Read more →

Blackberry OS 4.5 Review

The official U.S. release of OS 4.5 will not be until September, we decided that we couldn’t wait.  So we did some Google searching and got our own to test out.  Even though OS 4.6 isn’t too far away I have to say that we love OS 4.5.  The biggest difference that we at Berry Reporter have noticed... Read more →

Blackberry Bold release date?

I’m sure most people have heard that Gizmodo posted that they received the date  of September 12th for the release of the Bold.  However, Boy Genius says otherwise, October 2nd.  Which is the real date? Only time will tell, most are betting on October but hoping for September.  Hopefully all... Read more →
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