Poll: Would You Be Interested in an Updated Version of the BlackBerry PRIV?


We recently saw a rumor of a device called the BlackBerry Uni. Now many thought that the BlackBerry Uni patent was the sign that a new version of the  BlackBerry PRIV was in the works.  If you look at the patent though, you will notice that the patent looks to be actually a camera patent that was just using the PRIV as an example. A lot of folks started talking and getting excited.  This got me thinking about if releasing an updated version of the BlackBerry PRIV would be a good idea.

Personally, the BlackBerry PRIV was one of my favorite devices as of late.  I loved the convenience of having a full touch screen and the added bonus of a slide out keyboard when I needed it. However, we all know the PRIV had its handful of issues.  If you took away those issues though and the high price tag it released, the BlackBerry PRIV might have been a pretty big hit.  So I want to know, would you be interested in an updated version of the BlackBerry PRIV? Let us know in the Poll and leave a comment as well!



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