Possible first Photos of the Rumored BlackBerry Qwerty Keyboard device the BlackBerry Mercury Appear Online



We have been hearing BlackBerry CEO John Chen discuss a lot about the BlackBerry Qwerty device, that is suppose to be the last in house built BlackBerry device, codenamed the BlackBerry Mercury.  Now the device is suppose to make its way by the end of the year according to John Chen, and if you don’t know, the end of the year is coming very quickly! We haven’t heard much about the device, besides the normal, ‘it’s coming’ from Chen, nor have we really seen anything get leaked online. That has quickly changed however, as photos of what is supposedly the BlackBerry Mercury have appeared on Weibo.

Now if you look at the photos above, it’s a pretty good looking device, that looks a lot like a device coming out of the BlackBerry headquarters. The Qwerty keyboard has BlackBerry’s design all over it, and so does the rest of the device for that matter.  If you look at the top part of the front housing, you might see that it has the same design as the BlackBerry Passport SE top housing design.




Now, some of you may think you are seeing two front facing camera’s on the device, but I’m going to go with one being a proximity sensor, like it was on the BlackBerry Passport SE.  The keyboard for the device in this photo seems to be bringing the keyboard of the BlackBerry Classic, and the Passport keyboard together.  The keys seem to be the same size of the BlackBerry Passport SE, with the function keys of the BlackBerry Classic. These are two great keyboards to bring together and I hope the typing experience is as pleasant.

Now keep in mind, that these pictures are not official, and they could just be prototypes that don’t make it to the real world.  Hopefully we will start seeing some more leaks and get more official news on the BlackBerry Mercury.

Tell us what you think if the photo, is a photo of the BlackBerry Mercury in the comments below.





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