QuickPull Now Supports OS 5.0

quickpullQuickPull is a valuable BlackBerry app because of its ability to simulate a battery pull and free up memory.  It is one of the most used BlackBerry apps out there and up until recently it didn’t work with OS 5.0.  This has now changed as Steelhorn software has rolled out a new version of QuickPull which is compatible with the latest OS.

Jeff Mixon, owner and CEO of Steelthorn Software says “Although OS 5.0 is not yet widely available on existing BlackBerry devices, our customers are constantly on the bleeding edge of technology and are downloading unofficial beta releases of the newest BlackBerry OS. We are very happy to be able to continue to offer the latest and greatest apps to our customers.”

It’s nice to see a company respond so fast to user complaints.  Many QuickPull owners were upset that the app didn’t work with OS 5.0 and Steelhorn quickly fixed that issue.  It is also worth noting that QuickPull for OS 5.0 is still in beta so if experience any issues be sure to let them know.

Download QuickPull Free / QuickPull Pro v3

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  1. Have the BB 9700 with the OS from T-Mobile. (official OS) I downloaded it, went thru all the do's and don'ts, did a battery pull after and stiill will not reboot on it's own. It always has the same message saying your phone needs to reboot or something like that. Deleted it, redownloaded it again and the same thing. I registered, did what I was suppose to do and still same problem. I have had blackberries for years and am not a rookie. I had this app working on my last 2 blackberries with no problems. This app has problems.

  2. denise says:

    it actually worked the free version that is i was always having problems when trying to use quickpull thank you its alot diffrent then the lower version i have a tour 5.0.0 484 os realesed by sprint so now it works im good with the beta version 🙂

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