Review: AdresSave Automatically Saves Email Contacts to Your Address Book

addressave1When it comes to apps, the BlackBerry address book has been somewhat under utilized.  This trend seems to be changing and more focus has been on how to get the most out of your contact list.  Facebook was one of the first applications that integrated well with your address book as it automatically adds your friends and even some of their phone numbers.

We now have another utility we can add to the list.  Fabian Heuwieser and Roy Uhlmann have teamed up to bring you AdresSave a mobile utility that automatically adds the email sender to your address book.  This type of application has been missing for quite some time and its only fitting that is was built by two of the best in the business.

As you know email is a big part of the BlackBerry and no other phone can match its push service.  Many of us send and receive numerous amounts of emails each day and most of the time we can’t remember half of the sender’s names or address.  This is where the AdresSave app comes in.  After you download the app it will automatically go to work by taking the senders email address and placing it in your contact list.  Not only does it place the email address it also will add a name and subject description so you can easily remember who it was from.  This part of the utility is flawless as it has already given me many important contacts and I didn’t have to touch a thing.

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Perhaps the greatest feature of this app is the auto-completion function.  It makes writing emails so much easier because you no longer have to look up the email address beforehand.  Just type the first letter of the address and AdresSave will finish the rest.  I will tell you first hand this feature works like a charm and I have already used it many times.

There are a couple different options that you will need to adjust before you start receiving emails.  One is to turn off the duplicate names entry.  Unless you want five contacts with the same name you will want this switched off.  To change it go into your contacts, click the BlackBerry menu button then click general options.  From there you can adjust the duplicate entries to your liking.

You will also want to add some filters so your spam mail doesn’t get added into your address book.  To do this simply visit the AdresSave options which is found under the options menu.  This is really the only thing I had a problem with.  I receive a bunch of different emails so I found myself having to delete contacts that I didn’t want in.

Overall this new handy utility is a must buy especially if you use BlackBerry email a lot.  The app normally runs for $2.99 but you can purchase it for $1.49 if you buy before September 4th.

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