Review of BlackBerry KEY2 OEM Flipcase

Earlier this week BlackBerry Mobile EU online store finally dropped the two OEM accessories they teased around the NYC launch party in June. We were lucky enough to cop the Flipcase and its definitely worth purchasing if your looking for a case to protect your brand new BlackBerry KEY2.

This all black case is a very well made product crafted from genuine textured leather with detailed black stitching. Its full-coverage design protects the KEY2 securely, covering the entire device with space for the headphone jack at the top as well as the charging port and speakers at the bottom. The front cover features an elegant BlackBerry logo featured on the bottom right hand corner. And on the back there are cut outs for the dual camera lens and an embossed BlackBerry logo. As with other previous BlackBerry flipcases its interior has a microfiber lining which stops the KEY2 screen from being scratched.

Now at first I have to admit I was a little disappointed that this flipcase didn’t have a window to check messages like the PRIV or KEYone’s flipcase however there two main reasons for this. Firstly this flipcase for the KEY2 has brought back the magnetic inside cover on the case. The beauty of this feature is when you open the case on your KEY2 it will awake the screen and when you close the case it will automatically lock the device which stop you from butt dialing people or accidently trigger apps etc when the device is your pocket or bag. Secondly this flipcase also features a double card holder keeps your items such as a debit card; travel pass, company ID or business cards accessible & safe. One thing you will always have with you is your phone so if you keep those items in your phone case it means your unlikely to forget them and don’t have to carry an additional wallet. Now with those two features it would have been very difficult to add the window from previous flipcases so it would be nice for BlackBerry to maybe add a flipcase with a window to the portfolio as that was one of my favourite features of the PRIV and KEYone cases.

Another great feature with this case is that its NFC-compatible like previous OEM BlackBerry cases allowing you to purchase items using Google Pay or transfer files to a friend or colleague without removing your device from its case. This case in general is definitely very well made and looks classy to carry, especially if your wearing a suit. In comparison to other BlackBerry OEM flip cases I’ve purchased the front cover of the device is more sturdy and weighty. This is a plus for me as if the device is accidently dropped or knocked from a table the case is likely to stay closed protecting the front of the device including the screen. Like other previous BlackBerry OEM flipcases you can also still stay on a call and be heard with the case shut which is extremely helpful.

The only downsides we found was that it did add a little bulk to your KEY2 and it is a little pricey at £36.99 in the UK and E49.99 for the rest of Europe. Myself personally I always prefer to buy OEM cases rather than cheaper options as in the past I’ve had issues with cheap cases not having the correct holes for ports, buttons or cameras or the case simply not being aligned properly with the device.  With the build quality of this case it looks and feels luxurious while also protecting your device so I would definitely recommend purchasing the KEY2 flipcase from BlackBerry Mobile online store. Its currently available in the UK and EU but at time of this review we aren’t aware of this case being available to purchase from the BlackBerry Mobile store in other markets.

If your in Europe and would like to purchase this case for your brand new KEY2 device you can do so now from BlackBerry Mobile online store via this link:

Look out for more BlackBerry KEY2 coverage coming soon from BerryReporter over the coming weeks!

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