RIM Working on New Touchscreen BlackBerry with a QWERTY Slider Keyboard


What Mr. T might look like (not actual image)

We knew it was only a matter of time before we saw the first touchscreen BlackBerry with a QWERTY slider keyboard.  With the Storm 2 set to be released in early October rumors of a new type of BlackBerry phone could overshadow the launch.  Codenamed “Mr. T” and no that is not a typo, this new model BlackBerry is something we have never seen before from RIM.  It will come with a full Storm style touchscreen and a full size QWERTY slider keyboard.  If this news doesn’t excite you then you’re not a true BlackBerry fan.

According to Alejandro Salomon the phone will house the QWERTY keyboard underneath the phone which is different than the popular Sidekick and in my opinion is a better position for a keyboard.  It will also include the ON/OFF and SEND/CANCEL buttons on the screen like we see with the new Storm 2.  Even though we are still considering this a rumor Salomon insists RIM is already working on this phone and he is always a great source.  One thing is for sure if “Mr. T” does turn out to be true it will certainly be huge news for RIM and the BlackBerry brand.

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  1. Or you can just get a Palm Pre right now. Problem solved.

  2. reefturtle says:

    I luike the idea, becasue Im looking to upgrade to a blackberry or Palm pre – do you think this will only be released to certian providers like the storm?

    becasue I would like a manula keyboard and touchscreen.

  3. Shawn says:

    I find the timing of this rumor very interesting – the weekend after RIM’s stock fell 17% ?

    Probably an intentional leak.

  4. Sean says:

    For those that say the current storm:

    “I have a Storm now and absolutely hate the keyboard. Entering my password is a chore, as is hacking out short Emails.”

    “I literally only use it to talk and text now”

    I really have no clue what you are talking about when you say this. You obviously do not know how to use the phone. Typing on the storm is very fast!!! Especially compared to the pearl, which is what I had upgraded from. I use my storm for all kinds of things, and have no issues with typing on it and had a typing race with a friend on an iphone, which I won! Seriously, if anyone needs training on how to type on the storm, I would be glad to speak with them on this. Just leave you email in this forum and I will send you my contact information. I am not being sarcastic or anything just willing to help those who don’t understand how to use the phone, as some people give the storm a bad name, because of their lack of knowledge.

  5. TheJ says:

    This sounds cool. I have a Storm now and absolutely hate the keyboard. Entering my password is a chore, as is hacking out short Emails. I’m actually going back to my Pearl.

    This new BB has got to be better.

  6. Corey says:

    What about us current Storm owners? Do we get some sort of “pity discount” if we upgrade to this phone? I would love to trade this thing in. I literally only use it to talk and text now. That’s all it’s good for.

  7. Hi Justin. I assume that the image associated with this post is something that you cobbled together because the keyboard and its housing are straight off of an HTC Tilt. You really should clarify that by adding a caption beneath the image or directly in the post. Otherwise the image is misleading.

    I have no problem with you mashing up two images to create a photo illustration to dress up the story, but you really need to let readers know that the illustration is just one possible interpretation of what the “Mr. T” Blackberry could look like. Cheers.

  8. Les Grossman says:

    I liked the this phone the first time I saw it… when it was called a Pre!!!

  9. Omega Wolf says:

    It looks cool, but I don’t like that you have to rotate the phone to dial numbers.

  10. stink says:

    They can only improve on the piece of crap touch screen they have out now. Who was in charge of user testing for this thing??? When my Verizon plan ends, switching to AT&T for the iPhone

    • Jack says:

      Forget it, had an iphone, it’s a piece of crap once you’ve had a blackberry. If you don’t like the touch screen go for the bold. I ditched my iphone within a year. yes the apps are fun (get a touch) but talking and typing are both terrible on iPhone. BTW I own 3 mac computer, not an anti-apple guys here just telling iPhone users the sad truth you’ve been screwed by all the hype!

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