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I am not one to usually use a case with any of my BlackBerry devices, but if I do there is usually only two companies that I use.  One of those companies made me a pretty happy camper! Seidio has officially released their cases for the BlackBerry KEY2!  They have officially released two cases and two different types of holsters.


BlackBerry KEY2 Optik Case

The first of the two cases that they released is the BlackBerry KEY2 Optik case.  The BlackBerry KEY2 Optik case is made out of durable TPU material that is very flexible and very thin coming in at 2.0mm.  This is a great case for anyone looking to keep their device’s profile thin and not add too much bulk to their device.  Each corner of the case is raised which should give for some good protection in case the device drops.  The case also provides easy access to all buttons, the headphone jack and, the USB type C port.

Price: $14.95

Purchase the BlackBerry KEY2 Optik Case from Seidio

BlackBerry KEY2 Surface Case


The second case that Seidio is offering for the BlackBerry KEY2 is the BlackBerry KEY2 surface case.  The Seidio Surface case comes in two layers. The exterior layer is made with seidio’s signature polycarbonate soft-touch coating. The inner layer is made with Seidio’s Hexguard technology which helps take away from the shock of an accidental drop.  The surface case is thicker than the Optik case, coming in at 2mm thick but the case still has a nice thin profile to it. Just like to Optik case you have access to all of your buttons and ports. Probably the best feature is the built-in kickstand on the case. The kickstand lets you prop your device up if you are watching a video or if you are on a video conference. It is a great feature to have!  If you are looking to add color to your BlackBerry KEY2 then the surface gives you some great option as the case comes in Red, Blue, and Black! Personally, I really dig the Red case!

Price: $32.95

Purchase the BlackBerry KEY2 Surface case from Seidio

BlackBerry KEY2 Surface Holster


One of the two holsters that Seidio is offering for the BlackBerry KEY2 is the Seidio Surface Holster.  As you can probably guess, this holster works with the BlackBerry KEY2 Surface case from Seidio.  It is lined with felt and the belt clip swivels up to seven different directions.  If you purchase the Surface holster with the Surface case you only have pay an extra $10.00. If you are looking for a spare though, you’ll be paying $29.99.

Price: $29.95

Purchase the BlackBerry KEY2 Surface Holster from Seidio


BlackBerry KEY2 Seidio Spring Clip Holster



If you are an old-school BlackBerry user like me, then you still love carrying your BlackBerry device in a holster.  There is only one company I turned to for my holster and that is Seidio! Seidio has officially released the Spring Clip Holster for the BlackBerry KEY2.  The Spring Clip Holster is lined with felt which will give your device’s screen great protection.  The Spring Clip holster is built with a durable Spring Clip that holds your device securely giving you peace of mind as your carry your device throughout the day.  The clip swivels in several different directions, giving you plenty of options to wear it comfortably on the go.  The Seidio Spring Clip Holster is, of course, meant to be used without a case, which makes it a great protection option for those who don’t like using a case or carrying their device naked!

Price: $29.95

Purchase the BlackBerry KEY2 Spring Clip Holster from Seidio


Seidio has plenty of options for every BlackBerry KEY2 owner if you are in the market for a case. Now the cases all look to be out of stock right now but they should be back in stock soon so make sure you keep checking!


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