Share Your BlackBerry Story in Celebration of BlackBerry’s 35th Birthday!


Yesterday was a pretty big day for BlackBerry. BlackBerry celebrated their 35th birthday! As I sat down to write our story for the big event, I sat and thought about BlackBerry’s impact on my life. How BlackBerry has made my life better with the amazing devices and products that they have launched over the years. Without BlackBerry in my life I might not have met some of the amazing people have met in the past, traveled to the places I have, or be organized like I am today. Heck if it wasn’t for BlackBerry my personal life and career might be very different than what it is now. While I know BlackBerry has been a big part in my life, I am sure that I am not the only one whose life is better or has been changed thanks to BlackBerry. I am sure many readers have had some kind of life changing event happen thanks to BlackBerry.

Well, since we are having a Podcast tonight, I thought I would let you the reader share your story of how BlackBerry has changed your life and allow you to audience to say thank you to BlackBerry. All you have to do is send me an email at or message me on BBM (PIN:BlackBerryBrad) and share your story with me. Tell me how BlackBerry has impacted your life or how your life has changed thanks to BlackBerry. I will take the best stories or all the stories and read them live on the air during tonight’s podcast! After the podcast is recorded, I will make sure to share the thanks to BlackBerry so they hear your story personally! I can not wait to hear your stories and share them on the air!

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