Sleek New DigitalPro Theme From HedoneDesign

screenshot_4HedoneDesign continues to raise the bar when it comes to BlackBerry themes.  Not only do they provide themes that look good, they also pack them with numerous features.  With their latest release they decided to expand on their popular Digital theme.

DigitalPro is a professional theme with superb graphics and handy functions.  It is one of the only BlackBerry themes that lets you access nearly all of your apps right from the home screen.  The layout is really what makes the theme special as it features a top scrolling bar that lets you slide through your applications menu.  You can also access your apps and profiles on the left side of the screen so really there is no need to hit the BlackBerry menu.  On the bottom of the home screen you will find the time, which is displayed digitally, the date and your signal icons.  As usual all the icons have been customized and they really stand out on your screen.

DigitalPro is available in two versions each with their own separate features.  Version 1 comes with 6 user customizable icons while version 2 features 10 scrolling user customizable icons.  They both come equipped with the rapid access menus so you can easily navigate your BlackBerry.

DigitalPro is compatible with the Curve 8900, Bold 9000, Storm 9500 and the Tour 9630.

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