Slight Change in Location of the Micro USB port on the BlackBerry Bold 9650?

Top: BlackBerry Tour 9630, Bottom: BlackBerry Bold 9650 Рnote the slight change in MicroUSB port location

As CrackBerry Kevin pointed out over at CB, if you take a close look at the Micro USB port on the BlackBerry Bold 9650 compared to the BlackBerry Bold 9630, you will notice a slight change in the location of it. Now what does this mean for BlackBerry users? Some might think nothing but you have to realize that most of your OEM and third party skins and cases are not going to work with the Bold 9650. Now RIM has said that the cases will be backwards compatible when they are release for the 9650. This means that if you are a Tour user going to the Bold 9650 then you are going to have to get brand new skins and cases (Unless you let your BlackBerry go naked ) Don’t worry you be able to find most skins in the Everything4BlackBerry store for the 9650.

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  1. DavidB says:

    What with the Bold 9650 being what the Tour 9630 SHOULD have been when it launched last summer, this is another case of RIM rubbing salt in the wound of all of us Tour adopters. They SHOULD have gone out of their way to avoid a situation like this, they did with essentially every other aspect oh the 9650's physical packaging it is disappointing they did go all the way.

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