Backup SMS To Email Free with SMS Backups

A new free application has just been released by Mobilearchiving called SMS Backups. This great feature gives you the option of to back up your entire SMS conversation conversation including incoming and outgoing messages with contact name and number. Want a free copy? Just pick up  a free copy of the application by going to .

Here is the description and some great features of this application:

SMS Backups as the app is called forwards SMS text messages to any email you want such as Gmail, an Exchange account, etc.
This is a great advantage- by doing so you’ve got a backup of your SMS text messages, and its easy to search SMS in Gmail or Outlook without having to search your phone history. SMS Backups is pretty unique.

There are a few other applications that forward SMS to email but they:

1) Only the incoming text messages get forwarded as opposed to SMS Backups which forwards both incoming and outgoing SMS text messages.  So the great part is that you get a backup of the whole chats you had with people, not just the received messages.

2) You can add labels to the email copy with SMS backups to the email copy so you will easily be able to file into the appropriate folder via Outlook’s rules, Gmail filters etc.

3) Why bother memorizing phone numbers? The application SMS Backups actually adds the contact info to the email subject so you have the number and the contact’s name so it is  easy for you to search for and filter your SMS text messages.? The other apps only put in the mobile number in the email

You can download the free SMS Backups at

Runs on all Blackberrys running OS 4.2 and later.  GET YOUR FREE DOWNLOAD NOW!! LIFE WILL BE MUCH EASIER!