Sports Illustrated Releases BlackBerry App

090914030404(2)Sports Illustrated has released a new interactive BlackBerry app just in time for the football season.  As you probably already know, there aren’t too many true sports news BlackBerry apps out there.  Sure most websites like ESPN provide app launchers to their mobile website but you can’t really call that an actual application.  The new SI app comes loaded with a lot of features so you can easily get your sports on the go.

Perhaps the best feature of the new SI app is the “Breaking News” alerts.  Whenever there is a hot news story you automatically get a blinking alert on your screen to let you know.  The entire app can be personalized to show you only the sports you want to see.  Don’t like NBA or MLB?  Then just toggle them off in the personalize menu screen.  Each sports section features scrollable scores and the latest news and standings from around that league.  Click on a score to view a game summary or if the game is still going on you can follow the updates.   SI has also added the ability to easily share articles on Twitter and save them on Delicious.  Sports fans we may finally have the BlackBerry sports app we have been waiting for and best of all it’s free.

Download the Sports Illustrated BlackBerry App (Free)

[via BerryReview]

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  1. bears15 says:

    Love the app but its has some problems, like score updates and occasional freezing. Probably because it is new

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