Sprint 8350i Release Confirmed Again

Ok, so this is the only post I’m going to put up for a while, because I am writing a huge paper for finals, but it was just too important to let sit.  I have just confirmed once again that the release for the Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8350i will be in fact Dec. 15th.  I was just notified by a Sprint insider higher up than our “trusty” customer service reps that the release is a definite for the 15th.  I was also told that this would be an order only release date with the in store coming later, and probably before Christmas (if Sprint likes to keep customers).  I am still a bit weary of this information especially since this is the 4th push back for the release, but I still want to stay positive and try and believe it.  So it’s only a few days away guys, I hope you can hold out!

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  1. Phaseminister says:

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  2. spitfire1 says:

    According to two separate telesales reps, they are confidently telling me that it will be available for phone orders on the 15th. Thats the first time they have actually given me dates. could it be for real this time????

  3. BJ_Sprint says:

    Hey Thomas, my name is BJ DeHut and I am a representative for Sprint. The Curve is actually already available for Sprint. This release will be for our Nextel network, which will be a great phone for iDen. Thanks for posting the news!

  4. tritan says:

    just talked to a local rep and he is going to put my order in tonight.

  5. tritan says:

    I was told the stores are going to take orders and have them overnighted. I was also told last week they will have them in store on the 15th . We will see.

  6. Thomas says:

    Yes, this is a Sprint/Nextel device, so only from Sprint.

  7. RMBIII says:

    I guess from Sprint only???

  8. Thomas says:

    You should be able to order it over the phone or online. They will just not be available in store.

  9. RMBIII says:

    Where would you order it.. online at a store????

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