Sprint To Carry 8350i on Dec. 1st Online Only?

We just got a tip on the BlackBerry Curve 8350i iDEN on Sprint/Nextel.  I was notified by a Sprint store manager that the new Curve 8350i will be launched December 1st, but only available online for a bit.  It will be released in stores before Christmas, although I do not have a specific date for that yet.  Either way, no one was still expecting that Nov. 14th release that was rumored a while back.  I know all you Sprint/Nextel customers have been waiting patiently for this release, and we are here to bring you a little good news.  Check out the previous pricing post about the 8350i here so you can have your credit cards ready Dec. 1st.

We are trying to confirm this info for you guys, but it sounds reasonable for now.

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  1. Robert S says:

    sprint is lame most likely they will cap their internet… the only thing they have cool about their sprint 8330 is their colors… those are awesome colors damn tmobile.

  2. WTF? says:

    where is the trainign session at??
    I’m still pissed that I have many letters and emails stating “October 08”
    well thats a thing of the past…

  3. Tritan says:

    This is great news. I hope to see one at the training on Nov 11th.

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