T-Mobile Pearl 8120 to Finally get Official OS 4.5


Wow, the Pearls are starting to get phased out in my book and T-Mobile is finally offering an update to OS 4.5 starting tomorrow March 13th.  I do remember that when Steve use to upgrade his 8100 to 4.5 it always had a plethora of bugs even if it was an official release on another carrier, but maybe the 8120 is different.  Any of you out there on a T-Mobile Pearl 8120 with OS 4.5, how is it for you?  I really don’t want to type out the features, or even post the features of OS 4.5 since it has been out forever, but here they are from BGR:

New Features:

  • Music/video streaming (e.g. YouTube)
  • Free/busy calendar lookup
  • Remote search for e-mails on server
  • Attachment download and document editing
  • Wireless software upgrades
  • myFaves 1.5
  • New browser start page
  • Updated UI
  • WAP 2.0 (Wireless Application Protocol) better downloading, games and applications
  • Voice IT policy controls on International Dialing and more.
  • BlackBerry Maps enhancements (points of interest, saving directions, graphical improvements)
  • GSM/EDGE toggle
  • HTML e-mail for BlackBerry Internet Solution (BIS) account

Fixed bugs:

  • UMA performance
  • myFaves icon sync
  • myFaves activity log
  • myFaves icon appearance
  • myFaves birthday/anniversary pop-up
  • Uncaught Java exception errors when downloading certain audio files
  • Device rebooting when on a Belkin Router or certain N type routers

via BGR

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  1. k says:

    T-Mobile kept sending me txts to upgrade my 8320 to OS 4.5 – IMHO, it wasn’t worth it:

    Video recording capability. – Not something I’ll ever use.
    HTML email for internet email accounts. – There are better alternatives out there.
    Music and Video Streaming video capabilities. – Again, nothing I’d use
    New browser home page design. – Layout is bad
    Improved downloading experience. – Not true
    Improved UMA and data performance. – Not true
    Attachment downloading and document editing. – Can’t tell yet, although 4.5 includes Documents to Go
    Free/Busy calendar look-up and remote email search for BES users (Requires BES SW 4.1.5 or higher) – Not a BES user.

  2. Stephen says:

    Damn.. they never released it for the 8100 though.

  3. Dominick U. says:

    I would like to ask why there doing this now. It is a tad late.

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