The Berry Report Podcast Episode 78

    We are back with another episode of the Berry Report Podcast. While BlackBerryBrad has been busy thawing out of the freezing cold, BlackBerry has had a busy week! Find out all the latest news! New BlackBerry Hub Updates are Hitting the Google Play Store for Both Beta and Official Users BlackBerry... Read more →

BlackBerry CEO John Chen Gets A 5 Year Contract Extension

BlackBerry CEO John Chen has been doing a great job at getting BlackBerry moving in the right direction. Actually, he has been doing a fantastic job!  It looks like we aren’t the only ones who have noticed.  The BlackBerry Board of Directors has agreed to give John Chen a 5-year contract extension! In... Read more →

BlackBerry SIRT Advises BlackBerry UEM Users to Update

  The folks over on the BlackBerry SIRT team have sent out a notification for BlackBerry UEM user to grab the latest UEM update. This update address the new vulnerability that has been found in the UEM Mangement Console.  According to the BlackBerry SIRT, there have been no known cases where customers... Read more →

BlackBerry Radar is Providing Better Results for Companies

  One of BlackBerry’s most impressive and a talked about products is the new BlackBerry Radar. BlackBerry Radar is an End-to-end Asset tracking system for fleet management companies.  BlackBerry Radar gives trucking companies the ability to track their assets no matter where there are. If... Read more →

BlackBerry to Announce their Q4 Earnings Report on March 28th

  BlackBerry has announced that they are going to be announcing their Q4 Earnings results on March 28th. If you remember, BlackBerry has been showing positive Non-GAAP Results for the past three quarters.  There is no doubt in my mind they will continue that trend this quarter. Mark your calendar... Read more →

What was Your Favorite Paid BlackBerry App?

  Recently, BlackBerry announced that they will be no longer allowing paid apps in BlackBerry World.  This got me thinking about my favorite paid apps that I have invested in over the years.  I was never shy about paying money for apps that I needed or could see myself using.  Most of these... Read more →
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