Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Tour 9630

So I know a lot of BlackBerry Tour users have felt kind of left out when it comes to OS updates, but this bit of news is pretty nice. OS has been leaked for the BlackBerry Tour. As always be careful when loading a leaked OS! Download Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Tour Source:... Read more →

Verizon Wireless Launches Mobile Recovery

Today Verizon Wireless launched their Mobile Recovery service for smartphones.  This is available to all customers who has Total Equipment Coverage (TEC) on their plan.  Mobile recovery is a tool that you can use if your device ever gets lost or stolen.  It allows you to sound an alarm if your device... Read more →

BlackBerry Tour 9630 Being Kicked Out the Door Soon?

Well if you guys need anymore proof that the BlackBerry Bold 9650 is coming soon then here it is! The folks over at berryscoop got their hands on a screen shot of some Verizon email that states that the BlackBerry Tour is going to be discontinued in June. It’s kind of sad to see that the Tour... Read more →

OS Now Available for Verizon BlackBerry Tour 9630 Users

For all of you Verizon BlackBerry Tour users OS is finally available for you. I know a lot of you have been waiting for this update and your time is finally here.  You can go to your Check for Updates function in your options or you can go to Verizon Wireless page to download the new OS so... Read more →

Verizon BlackBerry Tour 9630 Getting an OS Update On Monday

In a weird trend of OS updates,Verizon  BlackBerry Tour 9630 users are schedule to get an OS update on Monday. It’s kind of weird to see Verizon give two BlackBerry devices updates and both happened on Monday’s.  Hopefully this trend will continue!  All of you Tour users have been waiting... Read more →

Contest: Smrtcase for the BlackBerry Tour 9630

As many of you guys know, I love to keep my BlackBerry safe and am always looking for cases to help me do that.  The folks over at SmrtCase.com sent me there brand new case for the BlackBerry Tour 9630 and I was impressed. Now what is special about this case is that it not only protects your BlackBerry... Read more →

OS Update Leaked for the BlackBerry Tour

OS update has been leaked for the BlackBerry Tour 9630.  There have been plenty of OS 5.0+ leaks but it seems like the Tour was always left out.  In the rare occasion there was a leak for the Tour it turned out to be unstable and most users had to get rid of it.  Now thanks to BBLeaks we... Read more →
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