CES 2010: Case-Mate Booth and Products Tour

(Mobile View) Earlier this week I had the opportunity to get a guided tour of Case-Mate’s product range at CES.  A a self-proclaimed skeptic of cases in almost every BerryReport podcast episode, I thought it was about time for me gave cases a chance.  So here, in all its HD glory, is the guided... Read more →

Case-Mate Goes Bare

Case-Mate has been all over the place lately as they have already made a huge splash in 2010.  Their latest upcoming accessory is the Go Bare case series for BlackBerry phones. These ultra thin almost invisible cases give you an extra layer of protection without taking away from the phone’s design. ... Read more →

The Berry Report (Episode #10)

We are already ten episodes into The Berry Report and the show is now a huge part of what we do at BerryReporter.  Stay tuned as we plan to make the show more user interactive and add some nice new features.  This week is rivalry week on The Berry Report as Brad and Neil tackle important BlackBerry... Read more →

Case-Mate Brings the I.D. Case to the BlackBerry

When Case-Mate first released the I.D. case for the iPhone many BlackBerry users wanted to get their hands on one.  The idea that you could finally ditch that bulky wallet and carry around everything you need in just a case is something we have all been waiting for.  We knew it wouldn’t take... Read more →

Case-Mate Unveils the New Hybrid Case

Case-Mate has been on a roll lately as they continue to make high quality cases that appeal to many different kinds of BlackBerry users.  Whether you’re looking to add some style to your phone with a Barely There case or looking for the all out protection a Vroom case provides Case-Mate has you... Read more →

BlackBerry Tour 9630 Fuel by Case-Mate is Now Available

We have always been big fans of the premium line of BlackBerry cases that Case-Mate provides.  They seem to be ahead of the curve when it comes to making cases and accessories that serve many purposes.  For instance I’m sure by now you have heard of the Fuel rechargeable battery pack for select... Read more →

Fuel by Case-Mate: The Ultimate BlackBerry Case

BlackBerry cases are always a popular topic in most BlackBerry communities and rightfully so.  Cases come in many different sizes, colors and styles so you really have many different types to choose from.  It seems that most BlackBerry owners go after a case that offers the most protection but what... Read more →

Case-Mate Bold Smart Skin Case

Okay, so back in November Case-Mate released a new line of BlackBerry cases called Smart Skin or 2nd Skin.  They are a full silicone cases that protect not only the casing but the keyboard as well.  This is my favorite part about these cases; not only do you get full keyboard protection, but they... Read more →

New Case-Mate BlackBerry Bold Leather Backs

Case-Mate just let me know that they just released some pretty freakin sweet back covers they call BackPacks.  You thought the stock back cover was fancy with it being fancy black fake leather?  Guess again.  These bad boys are something else.  They are all genuine leather and it comes in three... Read more →

Case-Mate Black Friday Sale 20% off Until Dec. 1st

Case-Mate is having a sweet Black Friday 20% off their entire site sale! Now is the time, Curve and Pearl 8100 owners, to get your Smart Skin case (which I have reviewed to be the best rubber case ever).  The sale is not just today, on Black Friday, but through the end of the weekend Dec. 1st!  If... Read more →

Case-Mate Smart Skin Review

I just got my Case-Mate Smart Skin case for my BlackBerry Curve 8320.  Smart Skin cases by Case-Mate are the new revolutionary rubber BlackBerry cases that have the worlds first laser cut keyboard cover.  These awesome new cases cost $19.99 which may be a bit high for a rubber case, but it is totally... Read more →