Where is the Google+ App for BlackBerry?

  One of the things that has started to impress me is the way RIM has been putting out very nice updates to their apps.  Especially their social networks applications.  Both Facebook 2.0 and Twitter 2.0 have been really nice updates!  However one of the young and popular social network sites... Read more →

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt Caught Using a BlackBerry Again!

Although Google’s Android operation systems has been making a very big impact in the smartphone industry and many customers rushing out to buy Android powered devices, there is one person who isn’ t ready to give up his BlackBerry it seems! If you look at the photo above he is caught using... Read more →

The Berry Report Episode 45 Featuring the NerdBerry Team

The NerdBerry team and I are back with another exciting episode of the Berry Report Podcast. As always you can always join us every Tuesday Night at 9PM EST in the Ustream chatroom. Thank you to all of the 400 listeners last week lets keep spreading the word. Join us as we discuss the latest rumored... Read more →

Google Maps Updated to v4.4

Just last week, we let you know that Google Maps for BlackBerry would soon be getting an update to version 4.4, and that day has come. The update doesn’t seem to add any extra menu items, but does improve on search results and place information. Among the updates in v4.4 are: Search results list... Read more →

BIS 3.0 Coming in March 2010?

There is a pretty juicy rumor going around that BIS 3.0 might be coming in early 2010.  According to bbnews.pl we could be seeing BIS 3.0 in March 2010 and BIS 3.1 will be released shortly after.  Both of these releases will feature important updates for the Google Mobile app.  We may finally see... Read more →

New and Improved Gmail Plug-in Released for BlackBerry

After a long wait and much anticipation RIM has finally released an enhanced Gmail plug-in.  Don’t rejoice just yet as the new update still has some minor issues. One thing we have been waiting for was a two way sync feature between the BlackBerry and the desktop.  Unfortunately we will have... Read more →

Google Mobile Adds Voice Search

This voice search update was inevitable for Google, and I hear works pretty well.  Now when you are in your Google app, you can just press the call button and say what you want to search.  Another new feature to this update is search with location.  Remember how you used to have to type in your location... Read more →

Google Maps 3.0.2 Allows GPS Use on Verizon Storms

Earlier I posted that Google Maps Mobile got an upgrade to v 3.0.2, but with no change log.  We have gotten emails and reports that there is a major feature update.  The GPS on Verizon Storms is now supported by  Google Maps!!!  This is awesome for Storm users, no more paying for VZ Nav.  Typically... Read more →

Google Maps Mobile Update 3.0.2

Just a notification that Google Maps Mobile has another update.  There is no change log to the version 3.0.2 so it is probably a bug fix.  Maybe there is another issue with Google Latitude or maybe it’s just what Google does.  What they need to do is create a new all in one mobile client in... Read more →

Google Maps Introduces Google Latitude for BlackBerry!

This is a very very cool new feature that was launched yesterday on Google Maps Mobile.  Not all of you may like this, but it is very neat.  Google Maps now has Google Latitude which allows you to share your location with your friends and the same for them if they choose.  It is kind of like PocketLife’s... Read more →

YouTube Client for the Storm

This is something I missed over the non-BlackBerry weekend I had.  YouTube now has a mobile application for the BlackBerry Storm.  This little app lets you browse YouTube videos without going to YouTube.com on your browser.  A really cool thing about it is that you can actually upload videos from... Read more →
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