How To View General Device Info From Home Screen

Information such as your PIN, IMEI, OS version, and even signal strength can be found by navigating through the option menus and viewing sections such as About and Status, however there is a simpler way to view most of it on one screen. Using this simple keyboard shortcut, you can display all of your... Read more →

Tip: BlackBerry Tour Keyboard Shortcuts

Right now if you own a BlackBerry Tour 9630 you are most likely frustrated with the trackball.  It seems that 1 out of every 2 Tour users have experienced the faulty trackball that has trouble scrolling horizontally.  Until we see a fix for this issue the next best thing to do is use keyboard shortcuts. ... Read more →

Tip: Keyboard Shortcuts for SocialScope

This tip comes from Maestro and it’s for all you SocialScope users out there.  If you’re not using  BlackBerry keyboard shortcuts regularly then you’re not getting the most out of your BlackBerry.  Keyboard shortcuts will help you save time and best of all they are easy to use if... Read more →