BlackBerry ‘Athena’ Renders Emerge Online

    We know that BlackBerry Mobile is planning on launching brand new devices this year. They have come out and publically stated that they would be releasing two new devices this year. We also know that one of those two devices will be the follow up to the BlackBerry KEYone. With it being... Read more →

BlackBerry PlayBook Releasing February 2011 on TSTT?

Ever since the BlackBerry PlayBook was announced, people having been dying to know when it will be available for purchase. Well rumor has it that Best Buy and DropBox will be the first ones to be selling it.  Telecommunication Services of Trinidad & Tobago (TSTT), who is the largest telephone and... Read more →

BlackBerry Storm 9570 Cancelled on All Carriers?

We got word the other day that Verizon had canned the BlackBerry Storm 9570 project. Now rumor has it that RIM has canned the project all together. “Thank you for your hard work and diligence in preparing your application to support the upcoming hardware refresh of the                ... Read more →

BlackBerry Podcast App Coming Soon?

So if you are a BlackBerry Beta Zone member than you are pretty aware that RIM is coming out with a Podcast app for the BlackBerry.  However, seems like T-Mobile has let the cat out of the bag.  They have put up a podcast webpage.  The site states that a dedicated podcast app is coming soon. Hopefully... Read more →

BlackBerry Storm3 Coming at the End of This Year?

If you remember last year around September, I was really excited for the BlackBerry Storm2 to be released and was wondering when it would happen. Well It’s starting to get to be around that time of year when we start hearing about the BlackBerry Storm rumors and in this case its the rumors of... Read more →

A Little Birdy Just Told Me….

The other day I had the oppertunity to speak with a RIM rep about what is going on with RIM and BlackBerry. If you have noticed, other Smartphone companies have released some pretty nice looking phones recently such as the HTC EVO 4G, the I-Phone 4, the HTC Incredible, and we will soon be seeing Droid... Read more →

Rumor- What BlackBerry Devices will Get OS 6

Ever since BlackBerry OS 6 was announced at WES 2010, one of the biggest questions is what current BlackBerry devices will be getting it.  Well the folks over at BerryReview have made a prediction of which devices will be getting this new OS.   Now with any rumor don’t take it too seriously... Read more →
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