FireFox Home Coming to BlackBerry

Currently only available on the iPhone, FireFox Home is an application geared towards those who use FireFox as their desktop browser. The app gives users access to their FireFox desktop history, bookmarks, and tabs directly on their device. According to the official Mozilla Mobile Blog, a BlackBerry... Read more →

Google Sync Gets Another Upgrade to 0.5.13

I was just notified that Google Sync got another upgrade.  Google is just pumping these bad boys out.  The new version is 0.5.13 and now it syncs alarms.  I am still trying to figure out exactly what alarm it syncs, but I will definitely get back to you. If you don’t care about alarm sync and... Read more →

Google Sync gets an Update

Nothing very special, but for all those who love Google Sync, it just got a small update.  The reason I say it is not very important is because there is no change log and there are no significant changes to the new version .05.12, like the last update version 0.5.9 with synced contacts.  There seems... Read more →

Google Sync Now Syncs Contacts!

Yeah yeah, this is soo last week, but Google Sync now syncs your contacts and your calendar.  This is so BES.  Great job Google!  We love it.  Now you don’t have to do backups all the time just to save new contacts!  The new version is 0.5.9, so if you don’t have it, get it Read more →