5 Ways to get the Most Out of BlackBerry App World

If you’re a BlackBerry user, you are probably familiar with App World – RIM’s repository of both free and paid apps, games, and themes. With App World recently surpassing 15 000 items available, it’s clear that both developers and consumers are starting to take more of an interest... Read more →

Round-Up: This Week on BerryReporter

We know you lead a busy life, and might not have time to check up on the latest BlackBerry happenings each and every day, so we’re going to begin a weekly round-up post. Each Sunday, we’ll round up all the news, videos, tips, and more from the last 7 days to make it easy for you stay in the... Read more →

6 Battery Saving Tips For Your BlackBerry

We’ve all been out for longer than expected and had our batteries die, and it’s an admittedly unpleasant experience for most BlackBerry addicts. There are several ways to save your battery charge and reduce needless drain built in to our handsets, some obvious, some maybe not quite as much.... Read more →

6 Tips How To Use Your Blackberry Browser

Thanks to Michael from jaredcompany.com  for the great tips how to use the blackberry browser 1) Bring up the Enter Web Address field from any Web page by pressing the G key. 2) Insert a period in Web address by clicking the Space key. 3) Insert a back slash in Web address by clicking either the Left... Read more →

Tips And Trics For Bolt Browser Users

Power User Tip: Find in Page. BOLT enables you to search for text in a webpage, just like your favorite PC browser. Simply select “find in page” from the preferences menu, enter the desired text into the text box then select “search” from the menu key. The first result... Read more →

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your BlackBerry?

Most likely you are reading this article because you own a BlackBerry and want to find out what else it can do.  Or maybe you just bought your first ever “Berry” and can’t decide what to do next.  Either way you probably already know that the BlackBerry is a powerful smartphone and... Read more →

How to Fix a BlackBerry 507 Error

Unfortunately there are times when you get critical errors on your BlackBerry and it can be extremely frustrating.  One of the most common errors BlackBerry users encounter is the dreaded 507 error.  If you have experienced this error before then you know how much of a pain it can be.  Fortunately... Read more →

25 of the Best BlackBerry Apps for Health and Fitness

Health and fitness are two of the most important aspects of everyday life.  The sad part is many of us choose to ignore the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and it affects us down the road.  One of the best things about a BlackBerry cell phone is how much it can impact your daily life.  Sure they offer... Read more →
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