Official BlackBerry Bold 9700 OS Released

We’ve seen BlackBerry OS 6 leak for the Bold 9700, but for those who aren’t into loading the brand new OS on their beloved 9700, RIM has released a new official version of 5.0 – No word yet on what’s new or improved in this OS version, but be sure to let us know if... Read more →

Telus launching BlackBerry Bold 9780 October 21st?

The latest rumor to come out of Canada surrounding a BlackBerry handset began circulating this morning, claiming the BlackBerry Bold 9780 would be launching on October 21st on Telus. Along with the launch will come the discontinuation of the Bold 9700, which isn’t expected to get the BlackBerry... Read more →

Facebook 1.5 Leaked for OS 4.6!

This is pretty exciting, the long awaited Facebook 1.5 was leaked over the weekend.  DetectiveBerry over at CrackBerry Forums got a hold of a leaked version and now it’s up for the taking.  For those of you who use Facebook, this is almost as exciting as a good OS leak!  Remember, this is not... Read more →

OS Update: BlackBerry Storm 9530 OS Leaked

This is a sweet leak for Storm 9530  owners!  Your copy and paste ease solution is here for you.  I have not yet updated my Storm with this, but I will try and get to it tomorrow and let you know how it is.  If anyone else wants to try it out and let us know how it is, feel free to. Here is a link: Storm... Read more →

MySpace App version 1.5 for BlackBerry is Now Available

All you MySpace users, this is for you.  Your MySpace BlackBerry app just got an update to version  There are some viewing enhancements and feature updates, but in all nothing special.  Here are the changes: Friend Updates: Users can now view their MySpace Friend Updates from within the... Read more →

BlackBerry Storm 9530 OS

The other day OS was leaked for the 9500 and now we have it for our US Storm users.  This is still not an official update, but the leaks do keep getting better and better.  Let’s hope we get a real application center update within the next few weeks. Here are a couple links for OS... Read more →

BlackBerry Storm 9500 OS

I received a tip that a new OS has leaked for our non US counterparts using the BlackBerry Storm, aka Storm 9500 users.  Enjoy. BlackBerry Storm 9500 OS Download and install at your own risk. Read more →

BlackBerry Bold OS beta Available

Another OS for the Bold here for you as OS  I have not yet loaded this OS on my Bold, but hopefully it will fix my rebooting when I don’t have service issue. Do not try and reformat your phone and put this beta OS on if you do not know how.  Try at your own risk if you are comfortable... Read more →

Its been awhile but I’m back…

Hey everyone, I’m finally able to catch up on my post.  These past few weeks have been pretty rough.  I had a week to cram for the LSAT.  When taking the LSAT my 8830 was the only phone allowed in the room since it doesn’t have a camera ( wow, an actual plus for not having a camera phone). ... Read more →

BlackBerry Curve 8350i OS Update – OS Available

*Update: Here is a direct link to the download for  Enjoy! Calling all 8350i owners! Your first OS update is now available!!  OS for the BlackBerry 8350i is now available to download.  I have not heard anything about it yet, but reader piper975 sent the link in.  Thanks so much... Read more →
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