Blackberry Storm gets delayed at Verizon, Surprise Surprise

The Blackberry Storm aka Thunder has been delayed around 3-4 weeks according to BGR.  The phone has been put on technical acceptance to work out some bugs.  I am not surprised that the Storm has been delayed, there have been so many rumors preceding its release I’m surprised its release will... Read more →

NBC News report on Kids and Cell phones

So I happened to flip on the NBC news just a bit ago and there was a report on children and cell phones.  According to the report; the Center on Media and Child Health said that within the next 3 years, 54% of 8-12 year olds will have cell phones.  This isn’t all that surprising to me because... Read more →

Blackberry Javelin is going to have OS 4.7

As we all know, the Bold is out in basically every country but ours grrrrr(U.S. carriers).  But as well as being out with its elegant facia and its OS 4.6 is has all the Javascript issues.  Well have no fear because BBcool reports that the Javelin(8900), that will be coming out on T Mobile, will rock... Read more →
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