TCL Announces that It will No Longer Design, Manufacture, or Sell Any New BlackBerry Devices as of August 31 2020


TCL has been very quiet lately about the future of BlackBerry branded devices. The last BlackBerry device to be launched by BlackBerry Mobile was the BlackBerry KEY2 LE. Many folks have been waiting to hear what would be next. Well, sadly there will not be a new BlackBerry device from TCL, ever.

TCL this morning has announced that they no longer have the rights to sell, design, or manufacture, BlackBerry Branded devices.  They will be offering Customer service and warranties for existing devices until August 31 2022.

When TCL Communication announced in December 2016 that we had entered into a brand licensing and technology support agreement with BlackBerry Limited to continue making new, modern BlackBerry smartphones available globally we were very excited and humbled to take on this challenge. Indeed our KEY Series smartphones, starting with KEYone, were highly-anticipated by the BlackBerry community. What made these devices great wasn’t just the hardware developed and manufactured by TCL Communication, but also the critical security and software features provided by BlackBerry Limited to ensure these were genuine BlackBerry devices. The support of BlackBerry Limited was an essential element to bringing devices like BlackBerry KEYone, Motion, KEY2 and KEY2 LE to life and we’re proud to have partnered with them these past few years on those projects.

We do regret to share however that as of August 31, 2020, TCL Communication will no longer be selling BlackBerry-branded mobile devices. TCL Communication has no further rights to design, manufacture or sell any new BlackBerry mobile devices, however TCL Communication will continue to provide support for the existing portfolio of mobile devices including customer service and warranty service until August 31, 2022 – or for as long as required by local laws where the mobile device was purchased. Further details can be found at or by phoning customer support at the numbers found at

For those of us at TCL Communication who were blessed enough to work on BlackBerry Mobile, we want to thank all our partners, customers and the BlackBerry fan community for their support over these past few years. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to meet so many fans from all over the world during our world tour stops. The future is bright for both TCL Communication and BlackBerry Limited, and we hope you’ll continue to support both as we move ahead on our respective paths.

From everyone who worked on the BlackBerry Mobile team at TCL Communication over the years, we want to say ‘Thank You’ for allowing us to be part of this journey.

This isn’t really shocking news as it is disappointing news. Like I mentioned earlier, TCL has been very quiet about any future devices.  It is sad to see all the hard work that the BlackBerry Mobile team put into releasing the BlackBerry KEYone, BlackBerry Motion, BlackBerry KEY2, and BlackBerry KEY2 LE. The team did some amazing work and produced a handful of great BlackBerry devices.



We will have to wait and see if anyone decides to pick up where TCL left of and obtain the rights to the BlackBerry Branded Devices. I am sure BlackBerry Limited is still interested in have some sort of device presence in the mobile world. All we can do is wait.

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