TCL Has Lost the Rights to BlackBerry Branded Devices. Now What?


If you haven’t heard yet, TCL will no longer be designing, manufacturing, or selling BlackBerry devices as on August 31st 2020. This is pretty sad news for BlackBerry fans like myself, as many of us have been pretty please with the work that TCL put into the BlackBerry Brand.
Now with news of this nature, as a fan base, we automatically go to the though of what is next for BlackBerry Branded smartphones. Will we ever see BlackBerry branded devices again or will the be a thing of the past? There are, in my mind, three likely scenarios to happen in the coming future.

The first scenario that could happen is that another manufacturing company could win the rights for BlackBerry Branded devices. The BlackBerry brand, while not as popular as it use to be, still has a pretty big name to it and a strong fan base. Not to mention, the fact that more and more people are getting more and more concerned with their device security and privacy, some might want a device from the leader in internet security. The BlackBerry KEY series devices received high praises from a lot of people and with the right amount of effort, a company could bring BlackBerry devices to a new popularity. This of course would require that said company to have enough money to invest into a project like this. If they are successful enough though, the risk could be worth it. A company like Google could take the chance with making BlackBerry branded devices or even someone like Optiemus in India.


The second scenario is that BlackBerry brings the device manufacturing back in house again. We have seen BlackBerry CEO John Chen perk up when he has been asked about making devices again. I truly believe that Chen really loves the idea of having BlackBerry smartphones that are all about device security, privacy, and secure communications. I think for this scenario to work, John Chen would have to convince the BlackBerry Board of Directors that this would be a good idea again. That would probably be the biggest hurdle for this scenario to work out. The one selling factor to this idea is again that consumers are becoming more and more concerned about the information that they share on the internet and who has access to their data. BlackBerry has always been a company that prides itself with not sharing your data to third parties. BlackBerry 10 is still very well loved by users who might not need a ton of applications on their devices but need a ton of security on their device. Not to mention there are still some folks who are tired of having to only choose between Apple’s iOS or Android as an OS of choice for their mobility services. If BlackBerry would design their own OS and devices, this might give user a third choice. Plus, pair a BlackBerry OS with Cylance and you have a pretty secure device.

The third scenario that could happen is that BlackBerry Limited could sell certain aspects of the BlackBerry device portfolio to other companies. This would be my least favorite scenario as you wouldn’t see BlackBerry devices per say, more like other devices with BlackBerry aspects. Something like a OnePlus device with a BlackBerry designed keyboard. This scenario would probably only happen if BlackBerry Limited could find a suitable home for the BlackBerry Branded devices. I really don’t see this happening but it is possible.

If none of these scenarios happen than most likely the BlackBerry Branded devices will ride off into the sunset. I honestly don’t think this will happen as I think BlackBerry Limited still sees value of having BlackBerry devices available to consumers. TCL was on to something with the KEY series device and even with the BlackBerry Motion. I believe TCL just ran into the issue of only wanting to focus on the TCL brand instead of a ton of other Brands, which makes sense if you are TCL. What do you think will happen with the BlackBerry Branded devices? Fire off in the comments below!

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