Test Your BlackBerry’s Internet Connection Speed with BerrySpeedy

Ronen found a really cool little application yesterday that tests your BlackBerry’s internet connection speed.  This little program is called Berry Speedy and was developed by Delta Tech.  This information isn’t terrible useful to most people, but it is a good tool to see what your speeds are compared to your Berry friends.  I first tested this application yesterday and it didn’t work, but last night I tried again and it worked fine.  So, if you have issues with it, don’t delete it, just try later.  You have the option to switch between BIS, Wifi, and TCP as well as switching download sizes.

The shots below are what I got when I had full EDGE on my T-Mobile Curve 8320, and when I had full 3G on my AT&T Bold.  I did multiple tests and what is shown is about the average I was getting.  Try it out and see if you can beat me without WiFi.  How about this, the first person that can beat my Bold speed with a Bold, or my Curve with a Curve will get a Kingston 2GB micro SD card.  Post a comment of your speed, then email me a screen shot.  Remember, the first person to beat either of my speeds.

To get BerrySpeedy, visit ota.deltatech.com.mx on your BlackBerry.

via BerryReview

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  1. Alex says:

    What speed you get on your Bold & 3G?? I bet I can beat you :p

  2. DavidB says:

    20 on your Bold 3G? I was getting upwards of 70 last nighton my 8830! Oh, that was TCP, which doesn’t go through RIM’s BIS cache servers and is thus much faster.

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