The BlackBerry KEYone Gets Put Through a Durability Test by JerryRigEverything


One of my favorite Youtube channels is JerryRigEverything.  If you have never seen it, JerryRigsEverything takes the latest gadgets, including phones, through pretty much torture tests. The test includes a scratch test, a burn test and even a bend test. Well his latest victim is the BlackBerry KEYone. Now the BlackBerry KEYone scored very well on the scratch test, up to a 6, which is about where the Galaxy S8 scored.  It also fared well in the burn test, and quickly recovered.  Now the Bend test, that is another story. When JerryRigs went to bend the device the screen came out pretty easily.  What he discovers after more of a teardown was there was no glue used to adhesive the screen to the device.


Now there has been some reports on places like the CrackBerry Forums of screens coming out of the KEYone after drops and such. While this may worry some, I have to say I have had no issues with my devices. There are also plenty of others who haven’t seen any issues either.  What could be happening is some devices didn’t get adhesive and others did during production.  Hopefully it is just a slight issue with a few rather than all. Check out the video from JerryRigEverything and let us know what you think.

I have reached out to BlackBerry Mobile and am still awaiting a response.

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