The BlackBerry KEYone Survives JerryRigEverything Second Bend Test!


Back in June JerryRigsEverything did a durability test for the BlackBerry KEYone.  JerryRigs put the BlackBerry KEYone through a tests like a scratch test, burn test and a bend test. Sadly the BlackBerry KEYone did not do very well in the bend test as the Screen easily came right off.  Soon after the video was released BlackBerry Mobile and TCL issued a statement and stated that they would put in extra measures to make sure the issue was resolved.  

After two months it looks like JerryRigs decided to see if those Extra Measures were actually put in placed by BlackBerry.  The BlackBerry KEYone was put through another bend test and this time the results were different! The screen did not come off during the bend. In fact Jerry even tried to remove the screen to investigate what TCL did this time around.   Check out the video below to see the proof!

Normally when removing a screen from a device that has glue on it, the correct thing to do is use a heat gun or even a hair dryer to soften up the adhesive underneath.  This did not work on the BlackBerry KEYone.  JerryRigs had to use a prying tool and some good ol’ brute force to get the screen to come off of the BlackBerry KEYone.

This is great to see and it shows that BlackBerry Mobile and TCL quickly reacted to the issue and made sure fixes were put into place.  Great Job BlackBerry Mobile!


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