The BlackBerry PRIV is not Getting Updated to Android Nougat. What Does this Mean if you are BlackBerry PRIV owner?


Over on the UTB Blog Cast Episode 100, congrats by the way UTB, BlackBerry  Senior Vice-President and General Manager of the Mobility Solutions Division Alex Thurber was a guest during the milestone show. Alex Thurber touched on a bunch of topics from the gang over at UTBBlogs including the fate of the BlackBerry PRIV and DTEK devices getting updated to Android Nougat.  Thurber said that the amount of work that would be required to get the BlackBerry PRIV updated to Android Nougat would be almost impossible to do, which in short is a no.

If you are a BlackBerry PRIV user you are probably wondering what does this mean for you as a user?  You have to remember that the BlackBerry PRIV is about to be a two year old device come this November.  The average support cycle for most Google Android devices is about 2-3 years. Google promises three years of security updates for the current generation Google Pixel devices. When BlackBerry released the BlackBerry PRIV and started their Android journey, to stated that they would roll out security updates for the devices but never really promised anything as far as software updates go.

BlackBerry will continue to push out security updates for the BlackBerry PRIV until Google stops supplying the updates for Android Marshmallow.  We probably have another year until this does happens. This means the BlackBerry PRIV will continue to be secure for a good amount of time.   Also, don’t worry about your apps, they will continue to work.  A lot of Android app developers rely on Google Play Services to update and roll out new features on their apps instead of updating the actual firmware for the Android device.  BlackBerry will also continue to roll out app updates to BlackBerry Hub+ Suite apps as well until the security updates stop from Google.

What should you do when Google stops providing security updates? Well this would be a great time to consider upgrading your device to a newer BlackBerry device. Who knows what BlackBerry Android devices will be out there for you to choose from, maybe the BlackBerry KEYtwo?  If you take privacy and security seriously, you will want to make sure you don’t hold onto the BlackBerry PRIV for long after BlackBerry and Google start supplying security updates for it , as you are putting yourself at risk.

If you are a BlackBerry PRIV owner, you might be a little bummed that you won’t be getting Android Nougat on your beloved device, and I understand the frustration. However, while Android Nougat does offer some great new features, they really aren’t game changer in anyway, so don’t feel too bad because you really aren’t missing out on much!

How do you feel as a BlackBerry PRIV owner? Should the BlackBerry PRIV get Nougat? Let us know in the comments below!

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