The BlackBerry Priv No longer Being Sold on ShopBlackBerry?

The BlackBerry Priv launched back on November 6th 2015. The first ever BlackBerry device running the Android operating system. It was also the last device that was built and designed by BlackBerry. Well if you have visited ShopBlackBerry recently, you will notice that it is no longer there.

ShopBlackBerry has always been the destination to get the BlackBerry Priv, BlackBerry DTEK50 and DTEK60 unlocked from BlackBerry.  Now as we all know, BlackBerry is no longer in the hardware business, which means BlackBerry is no longer making the BlackBerry Priv. The license agreement with TCL, BB Merah Putiah, and upcoming companies will help carry the BlackBerry Device legacy into the feature.

We have been noticing a lot of sales on ShopBlackBerry to probably get rid of the rest of the BlackBerry Priv inventory.  ShopBlackBerry is currently having a sale on the BlackBerry DTEK50 ($229)and DTEK60 ($460),so if you have been looking to get your hands on them, I would do it quickly!  If you are still looking for an unlocked BlackBerry Priv, check out eBay or Amazon, I am sure you will find some floating around there, maybe even for a good price.

The BlackBerry Priv had a good run, and was a great way to get BlackBerry into the Android world. It didn’t sell as great as BlackBerry wanted it to but for those who picked it up, it was a fun device to use! Check out my BlackBerry Priv, One year later post that I wrote up late last year. 


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