The BlackBerry Tour/Bold 9650 Confusion

Okay so yesterday the rumors started flying around the BlackBerry community about the BlackBerry Tour 9650 now becoming the BlackBerry Bold 9650. A lot of people have been scratching there heads about this wondering if it is true, does it make sense, and why?  I know I have been getting a lot of questions about this whole BlackBerry shuffle so to say.

Yes it is true that RIM is going to change the Tour2 to the Bold now. Why would they do this? Well it might be because they don’t want another BlackBerry Storm1 and Storm2 saga going on. The Tour2 would make two series that are filled with one device that should have been what the previous device should have been. It also might be because the Bold name is the flagship name for RIM and they want all the carriers to have that device name. They want to sell more Bolds and if they label the 9650 as a Bold they can do just that.  If they name it the Bold they are also going to have to change the device number since the 96xx is the Tour series.

If they change the BlackBerry 9650 to a Bold does this mean that the Tour series is no more? Well who knows with RIM? It’s possible that they could discontinue the name of the Tour. They might surface another device sometime in the late future and put the Tour name on it but that is a long stretch. I think they are trying to keep the current BlackBerry Tour 9630 customers happy but not letting them think that they bought a BlackBerry Tour 9630 back in July of last year second guess there purchase.

So the last question that I have been getting asked by a lot of people is where is this device? Well before all the Bold talk I was hoping to see it by the end of February but now with all this renaming confusion I think we might see it the middle of March maybe the end of it. If worst comes to worst it will be here by April!

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  1. Cody says:

    I have been a Pearl 8130 user for the past two years. I was going to upgrade to the Tour till I heard about the Tour 2 last fall. For the past six months, I have been following this phone, wanting to upgrade to a top-of-the-line CDMA Blackberry. I like Blackberry's OS, and I like the fact that if you know how to navigate one, you can navigate them all. (software and hardware) For the past two years, I was convinced that Blackberry's are the best phones on the market. But frankly, I'm burnt out on following this phone and I'm slowly losing my RIM loyalty. They're just not keeping up in the ever growing competitive smart phone industry. (my asshole of a best friend rubbing his iPhone in my face for the past year hasn't helped my opinion on RIM either. He went from a Curve to an iPhone and is in love) I'm ordering the Nexus One the day its CDMA version is released.

  2. craig says:

    i say if they are going to push back the release date they should make it look sexier like the 9700!

  3. Daddy_C_4ME says:

    I don't care what the heck it's called. I just want/need it NOW!!!! I have grown out of my Pearl 8130 and have been drumming my fingers on my keyboard waiting for this new release. Come on!!!

  4. david says:

    Thank you, Brad. So if RIM releases a bold for Verizon it will not look like the Bold 9700? it will look like the tour except with the Bold name? Just asking.

  5. rutulshah says:

    i know its features andcomparison with any other phine like htc hd 2 and iphone 4gs

  6. Brad Gesullo says:

    Oh if they release it as a Bold they would change the numbers. I must of forgot that in my post sorry gang

  7. Brad Gesullo says:

    The Bold 9700 is a GSM device and can't be used on verizons network. They like to keep device exclusive to different carriers

  8. david says:

    I get a feeling something major is lurking behind all this. I do not believe for a second that RIM is not releasing the Tour 2 merely to appease Tour 1 owners. Why wasn't the BOLD 9700 available to Verizon customers? I do not expect to see the Bold 9700 available to Verizon. I recently got an email survey from Verizon where I was asked point blank if I am planning on leaving Verizon.

  9. DavidB says:

    9630 buyers that might think that need to just get over themselves. New models come out ALL THE TIME.

    You can only have the latest and greatest for a very short time in this business. If you choose to take the carrier up on their discounted price offer and then are locked into your device for a year or two or three, well, YOU made that choice. Buy your phone at the non-subsidized price (ALL the carriers offer such pricing) and then you can upgrade any time you want by dropping another $500-600 bucks to satisfy your “need” to have the latest phone.

    If RIM fragments their model numbering by releasing this with the Bold name and a 96xx model number, somebody needs to get a serious slap to the back of the head at RIM. I don't particularly care if they call it Tour2 or Bold or Bold2 or launch it as the Essex, BUT if they DO call it “Bold” they need to number it in the 97xx series. The market is fragmented so badly already with three model number series for the “Curve”. Here we thought RIM was going to impose some consistency on themselves with naming and numbering in the 8xxx and 9xxx series, not so much it seems.

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