The Top 5 BlackBerry Games of 2009

This year we saw plenty of new BlackBerry games.  Some were great and provided us with hours of enjoyment while others were just laughable.  It’s true that BlackBerry gaming still has a ways to go before it’s on the level of other smartphones but these 5 games show that progress has been made.  This year we also found out that OpenGL ES is coming to the BlackBerry platform so we can expect even better quality games in 2010.   All of these games are available in our store and were rated high buy the users and our staff.

bubble defense 21. Bubble Defense 2 ($4.99)

Bubble Defense 2 is the sequel to the popular tower defense game.  Some refer to it as the power edition of Bubble Defense because of the addition of power towers.  In this second version Second Gear Games changed the gameplay significantly and added 13 new maps to play with.  As we found out first hand this game is very addictive and will supply you with many hours of fun.

Customer review from BlackBerry App World:

“This is the best game you will ever buy. Even if you have mastered Bubble Defense One, your strategies won’t work. The new towers are amazing and new and the new maps are stellar. Just buy the game, you won’t be disappointed.”

screenshot1602. Sid Meier’s Pirates! ($4.99)

Sid Meier’s games have always transferred well to the BlackBerry platform.  The same goes for Sid Meier’s Pirates! a true role playing classic.  In Pirates! you live the life and career of pirate trying to become the ultimate buccaneer.  You’ll encounter many challenges along the way as you try to gain rank in ship battles, sword fights and cash.  One of the best things about Sid Meier’s Pirates! is you can compare your rank with others on a online leaderboard.

Customer review from the BerryReporter store:

“Unbelievable that one of my original and favorite games on a Commodore Amiga, cutting edge for its time, can now be played in the palm of my hand. Extremely true to the original with controls that are well suited for a phone. Lots of playability, addictive (even today) and challenging. A couple of tweaks here and there would be appreciated by Pirates fans (there is a new version of this game for PCs). For instance, all the characters look alike, but I understand the limited memory available. Highly recommend”.

pba bowling3. PBA Bowling v1.0.20 ($4.99)

For some reason bowling games are always fun to play on a BlackBerry.  PBA Bowling is the most realistic bowling game to date.  It features impressive 3D graphics and unlockable special effects.  You can play as real PBA players and bowl from different locations around the world.  It also features the popular Spare Challenge mode where you can practice picking up that 7-10 split.  Did you know that when PBA Bowling is released for the BlackBerry Storm2 it will be one of the first apps that takes advantage of OpenGL?

Customer review from the Berry Reporter store:

“I have downloaded many games now and deleted most of them, BUT this one stays put. It’s a good one. I have managed to win my opponent once too!!”

4. Revball ($4.99) revball

Revball is still very much new but it has already received high praise from the BlackBerry community.  It is one of those games that show BlackBerry gaming is headed in the right direction.  If you’re a fan of Pong then you’re going to love Revball.  It is available only for the BlackBerry Storm/Storm2 and if offers smooth touchscreen controls.  Revball also looks amazing and is filled with some unique sound effects and animations.

Customer review from the BerryReporter store:

“finally a game that makes you wanna play with your BB all the time.”

atd5. Addictive Tower Defense ($4.99)

That’s right another tower defense game made it into our list, after all they just work well on BlackBerry phones.  Addictive Tower Defense is also fairly new and it’s already a hit.  It’s one of the best tower defense games you’ll find anywhere and you can get if for your BlackBerry.  Addictive Tower Defense has everything you want in a BlackBerry game, multiple levels, downloadable maps, online leaderboards and tons of action.  It’s really an all around fun game and of course it’s addictive.

Customer review from BerryReporter store:

“One of the best mobile games I’ve played! The game is very polished, with a lot of attention to details. Downloadable maps, online rankings for score, smooth gameplay, intuitive controls… This Tower Defense game is quite Addictive!”

What’s your favorite BlackBerry game from 2009?

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