Theme Review: OSX Mini for the BlackBerry Tour

OSX-Mini-Theme-Brochure-600x400If you’re a fan of the Mac OSX BlackBerry themes you’re going to love this latest offering from Ahead of the Curve Designs.  They have created the OSX Mini and not only is bursting with colorful graphics it also comes packed with some great options.  OSX Mini gets its name because the home screen icons are smaller than normal.  This gives you extra room on your screen so you’re not cluttered with icons.  Each icon is cloned to resemble its Mac OSX counterpart and they pop up when scrolled over on the home screen.

OSX Mini doesn’t have any hidden docks but the bottom dock is neatly placed and never gets in the way of your tasks.  The home and applications screens are unlocked so you can arrange them any way you like.  My favorite part of the theme is the semi transparent menus and dialog boxes it really adds to the overall style and works nicely.  If you’re one of those Tour owners who was brave enough to try out OS you’ll be happy to know this theme is compatible, which is a nice bonus.

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Overall the OSX Mini is a solid BlackBerry theme, there is just one minor thing that bugs me.  See I actually like my icons big, no I am not blind that’s just the way I prefer them.  With the OSX Mini the icons are pretty small on the Tour and although many would see this as a plus I wouldn’t mind if they were a little bigger.  On the flip side of that I have never seen a theme that gives you this much room on your home screen so really it all equals out.  From the graphics to the OSX like customized icons the OSX Mini delivers in many ways.  If you are interested in the theme you should act fast as it’s on sale until September 30th.

Suggestion: Buy It

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