Theme Review: Rollin’ BlackBerry Theme by HedoneDesign

rollin_themeHedone Design has been on a role lately.  They just released the new Simple Black and White theme a day ago and today released another new BlackBerry theme called Rollin’.  This new colorful theme is the exact opposite of their Simple theme.  It comes packed with bright colors and graphics that will transform your home screen.  Rollin’ gives you that old school type feel and at the same time looks more like a piece of artwork than a theme.  Everything from the battery meter to the signal bar are built right into the background.

All of your favorite home screen features are present in the Rollin’ theme.  On the left side you have three user icons that are all customizable.  The bottom is where you will find the message icon, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth icons and the alarm icon which is positioned in the bottom right.  Things really get interesting when you look at the top right of the theme, this is where the background plays a huge role.

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You will first notice the info sign post which holds the carrier, date, clock and connection.  This is my favorite part of the theme and I love how they blended it into the graphic.  Next comes the battery meter which is positioned right under the signpost.  If you start to notice some orange that means you battery is getting low, it’s that simple.  The unique signal bars are another great part of this theme and it’s almost hard to notice them at first.  Basically the more arrows you see the better signal you have and if you see some orange then your battery has stated to drain.  Everything on the home screen is not only unique but it’s different and that’s what I love about it.

When you dive deeper into theme things just keep getting better.  All the icons in Rollin’ have been customized and they all go along with the retro feel.  I really love how everything looks when you open up your menus and take a look around.  This theme also supports folders so you can easily organize your applications and downloads.

I am really a big fan of the Rollin’ theme and love how they chose to go with old school style graphics.  As for issues or problems I really didn’t have any.  I could see how maybe someone wouldn’t like how everything is blended in but that’s really what makes this theme so good.

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Purchase the Rollin’ Theme by Hedone Design ($3.99 until Oct 10)