Tip: BlackBerry Tour Keyboard Shortcuts

BlackBerry Tour 9630 550Right now if you own a BlackBerry Tour 9630 you are most likely frustrated with the trackball.  It seems that 1 out of every 2 Tour users have experienced the faulty trackball that has trouble scrolling horizontally.  Until we see a fix for this issue the next best thing to do is use keyboard shortcuts.  Not only do shortcuts let you get things done faster they are also easy and fun to use.  Every BlackBerry device has the ability to perform keyboard shortcuts and with every new device comes new shortcuts to talk about.

Besides the known trackball issue the BlackBerry Tour has many great features built in.  A lot of these features can be accessed using simple keyboard shortcuts.  Some of these you have seen before and some are new, lets take a look at what you can do.

Phone Shortcuts:

-Hold down the green phone button to bring up your address book

-To add an extension to a phone number press the ALT key and X then type the extension

-Hold down the letter Q to change your ringtones from normal to vibrate

Application Shortcuts:

-Hold down the BlackBerry menu button to see which applications are running in the background

Browser Shortcuts:

-While in browser use I to zoom in and O to zoom out

-Press A to add a bookmark and K to pull up your bookmarks menu

-Press G to bring up the URL status bar

-To insert a slash mark (/) press SHIFT and the SPACE key

-If you want to increase your viewing space pressing U will remove the top bar

Attachment Shortcuts:

(In a spreadsheet)

-Press G to move to a specific cell and the SPACE key to view the content of the cell

-Press V to switch worksheets and ENTER to highlight worksheets

-Press H to view hidden columns or rows and also hide the columns or rows

(In a presentation)

-To switch presentation views press M

-Press N to view the next slide and P to view the previous slide

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