True or False: BlackBerry Messenger Coming to iOS and Android?

The latest rumor thrown in the mix by the BGR is that RIM is working on bringing their platform BlackBerry Messenger to other devices including iOS and Android. Who knows if this will ever see the light of day like their BlackBerry services that were supposed to run on Windows Mobile and Symbian but its an interesting twist. The new app is supposed to come to Android first since it is an open platform. It seems like RIM is trying to take back the mobile messaging title across all platforms from the startups that are trying to copy them.

Supposedly these cross platform BBM clients will only support a limited subset of BBMs features like chat and presence. Picture, file, and video sharing will be left to actual BlackBerry device. Supposedly RIM is toying with ideas for charging a one time fee or subscription for BBM on other platforms or even making it free. My advice is free is the best way to go but find a hook that will make users want to come to the BlackBerry.

Hopefully RIM executes on this nicely if the rumor is true. I have always said BBM could be the thing that makes RIM especially if they extend its features even to desktops.


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