Unlocked Blackberry Kickstart on eBay

The other day, RIMarkable posted an eBay find for a Blackberry Kickstart(8220).  At the time they posted the auction was at $751.  The auction is now at $1,725 with a few hours to go!  I hardly think it will go much above this price but who knows, I mean someone is currently bidding $1,725. . .

Monthly broadband internet connection: $40

A Blackberry Kickstart with T Mobile(future): probably under $150

Getting one on eBay before it’s released: $1,725

Having RIM render it useless when you activate it: priceless.

In my opinon, never in my life would I pay that much for a Kickstart especially since Bolds are being pre-sold from BlackberryBusiness.com for $1,300, but to each his own I guess.   To the winner of the auction, we here at Berry Reporter hope RIM lets you have your Kickstart. . .at least for a while.

Here;s the auction if you are interested: Kickstart on eBay

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