Verizon Storm 2 BOGO Rumor: Cause for Celebration or Concern?

verizon-logo-470x3101We all like a bargain, especially in this economy, but I’m a bit concerned about the Verizon BlackBerry Storm 2 buy-one-get-one-free rumor.  We’ve seen a lot of halo product releases recently; the HTC Touch Pro2, Motorola Cliq, Palm Pre etc. They all come down in price given time, but they start off being priced as the flagships they are.  Heck the iPhone 8GB came out at $599!

Manufacturers do this because they know early adopters get excited about latest and greatest product releases and will pay a high price for the privilege of early ownership.  So how can this rumor make sense, given that the Storm 2 should be competing as a flagship device for RIM?

The only conclusion I can reach is that Verizon doesn’t think the Storm 2 can hold its own at what has become an expected launch price for flagship devices: $199. I would be fine with a BOGOF rumor after a couple of months, but the idea that this is coming from Day One make me concerned.

Am I being a pessimist or a realist?  Unleash your fury (or friendship) in your comments…

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Neil Berman is a self-confessed gadget freak with a silicon soft-spot for mobile tech. Neil is the founder of theONbutton computer, gadget and technology help company in Durham NC. Neil has twelve years of IT career experience in the Financial Services industry in London and New York. Neil is a multi-platform supporter and believes that BerryOS, iPhone, Android, WinMo, WebOS, Symbian and others all have a role to play in our mobile world. If they made cyborg implants for a direct mobile Internet feed into the brain, Neil would have one.

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  1. Lonnieny says:

    Im with you, if this rumor is true it would be a telling sign of things to come,

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